Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Beauty | 'Mix It Up'

Due to my recent highend makeup splurge last march, I've been keen to 'shop my stash', rather than be tempted to buying even more makeup.
My tastes change dramatically depending on the season, sometimes even day to day, and buying new products to feed that constant temptation would be way over my bank-balance's reach. Although I still love a good wander round the aisles of boots, I keep my purse at arms length, preferring to pick up some inspiration. 

After some experimentation, I stumbled on 5 ways to alter my makeup to match my fickle tastes.

Bespoke Base
Whether the colour is off, the lasting power doesn't keep up, or the finish isn't up to my standards that day, mixing foundations is a tried and tested winner. An example here is one of thin and thick consistency, matte and dewy finishes, and too warm and too light shades. I think 'The PERFECT foundation' is nothing but a mirage, because although it may work one day, your skin tone/colour/texture and tastes differ to the next. But, I've found mixing foundations makes that dream more of a reality. Ft. Rimmel 'Lasting finish', Rimmel 'Renew & Lift'.

Ch ch ch cheekbones
Highlighters are the most fickle of my lot. One month I'm all for 'you can see your reflection in my cheekbone glow'/KimK style, the next, my skin is so oily I can't touch it with a barge pole. My solution, mix the 2. You've got your shimmer, matte. and best of both (with varying intensity) right at your brushes-fibre-tips. Find myself installing this in my eyeshadow drawer too. Ft. Dior 'Amber Diamond'. L'oreal infalliable eyeshadow 'Coconut Shake'.

Matte Liner
I am not an eyeliner everyday girl, but if I do indulge in that stress building task, my current choice is it be matte. This brown liner from collection is creamy, true to colour, and very easy to use considering it's stature. Without my added eyeshadow, it can look, a little; oily. It's not glossy, and maybe it's my eyelids, but it never looks fully dried? Adding the eyeshadow atop sees to both that, and to making it last that little bit longer. I chose to top it with a cooler eyeshadow as that's more me. Ft. Collection gel liner 'brown', MUA 'Shade 19 Matte'

Eyeshadow apothecary
Eyeshadows are not like paints. You can't mix yellow and blue to get green, you would get a yellow & blue eyeshadow - which is both clever and annoying. One thing you can alter is depth, without anyone being none the wiser. Here is my example. Today was a subtle everyday version, with the green on my lower lash-line. I'm sure I'll venture into mixing a rainbow of colours come summer, purely to see how it turns out - but this 'tone' mix, is the easiest to master. Switch to an intensity that suit's your taste. Ft. L'oreal infalliable 'Permanent Khaki' & 'Smokey Green'.

Lastly, Lippie
Here's a thought. 3 colours is all you need. Bare with me - A Pink, a Red & a Nude. These 3 will give you anything from Marylyn Monroe, to subtly smooched, just by mixing the colours. Why not dab, or apply a wash with your fingers, for differing intensities too. Don't get me wrong, I would want more, but for anyone starting out, or on a budget, why not start here - Orange it was tough to let you go, maybe you can be my back up. Ft. Asda Lipstick unknown shade, Rimmel lasting finish '03'. Here I used lipstick, but it would work with many a lip product.

Tools to make-me up.

- not mentioned above 
Usual concealer & powder duo - Collection 2000, Rimmel stay Matte Powder
Bronzer & crease shade - Barry M 'Dazzle me'
Brows - MUA Shade 19 Matte, MUA Clear mascara, MUA eyebrow pencil - purely for the brush
Eyebase - Origins cream shadow 'Vanilla Vroom' 
Lid & brow bone - L'oreal infaillable 'Coconut Shake' 
Mascara - L'oreal False lash butterfly.

Don't feel like you have to stop at mixing 2, the possibilities are limitless - such a simple concept that can dramatically alter the appearance of your makeup. Original mixing could be the reason we enjoy such variety in the beauty world to date.

These simple tricks lead me to almost double my collection, without any extra money, just a little time and ingenuity. Admittedly, sometimes I have lapses of willpower, and new things make it home - but it's in the name of my blog, so that makes it OK.
This past bank holiday weekend I've been up and down the country, more on that the weeks to come, but w limited time and internet access, it's ended up being nearly a week without blogs to read, or blogging to do!
Here's to the start of me being back on my blogging feet, & I hope everyone had a bank holiday to remember

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