Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wishlist | '20th Birthday'

I am less than 3 weeks from starting my 3rd decade
- cue honourary Birthday Wishlist

The Event > The 'Clothes Show Live' is an event I've kept my eye on. As it's a fair way away, both in time (early december) and distance, this is the 'a girl can dream' job. With both makeup & fashion, shows & shopping, it fits little old me to a tee.

The US Expat > Finally! some 'Wet n Wild' products are now available, at reasonable prices, on! For many non american/canadian customers (i.e me) , due to extortionate shipping fees, their spoils seemed out of reach - but no more. Like a child in a sweet shop, what to try first? 'Comfort Zone' palette? dibs.

The Hand Candy > 'Essential', a shop me and mum have visited a few times, where I'm continued to be amazed at the choice; aswell as the very competitive prices. As I'm trying the build up a silver ring collection, these pieces are what immediately caught my eye.

The Feet Favourites > Converse are an old, current, wait - CONSTANT, love of mine. Even with all the hype around 'trainers' at the moment, I still choose converse. Leather converse? YUM. Although you would suggest I steer towards colour, I just know I wouldn't wear them as much! These differ in the finish, and shape, to my current ones - my 'chic' pair, if you will.

The LBD >  This was one of those, saw in a shop, ummd-ahhed, and from then on it was out of stock. Wrap dress style, in a colour that is forever flattering, this joins the staple 'now-untill-I-grow-out-of-it/break-it club'. I finally found it on eBay last week, but I wanted to include it as I'm sure I'll wear it sometime during the celebration. If this works out, I'll be seriously looking into the orange version.

The Cult Following > MAC pro longwear concealer, which has been on many a mental wish list. A word of mouth find, I've read not one negative review. I'm told it works well under the eyes, aswell as over spots; as I'm running low on both, it must be a sign.

The Makeup Tool > My desire to own all Real Techniques brushes continues, and that includes you limited addition 'Duo Fibre' set; that 'limited' line works the black magic on all us beauty lovers. As Mum bought this already, this may count as a cheat product OR a wish came true? Regardless, it's lovely too know that they'll be around, to make sure I never have an 'over blush'd' day again.

The Copycat > After falling in love with the look and comfort of my cousins pair, Haviannas were added straight to the 'when I have the funds' list. Lucky that the birthday came first eh?

Oh I do love a good window shop


  1. Love the eyeshadow colours and the shoes!
    Feel free to check out our newest post x

    1. Makeup is so damn pretty.
      They are out of stock in my size! nooooo :(

      That I shall


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