Monday, 28 April 2014

Take Note | Look who's on TV!

This may be considered a random one, but I'm here to highlight a recent TV show.

The first installment of 'Wanted - A Family Of My Own' over on ITV1 last thursday, features family friends of mine. Does this mean, that I'm in w celebs?

They are both an inspiration, and deserve all the praise they get - Through the strength of their faith and characters, there have fostered more than a hundred children, and still going strong.
I feel privileged to call them friends, celebrate both their achievements and adore their current bubba boy - Joshua.
Obviously, I'm biased, but it truly is a program that warms the heart

If you don't have the 45 or so minutes to spare for the program, I really would urge you to take a look at the subsequent newspaper article here, they really are southern stars.

It's easy to watch/read/listen to the news, and feel very pessimistic, but positive documentaries like this restore my faith in humanity. & int he cute.

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