Friday, 25 April 2014

Take Note | Lisa Eldridge's DFMA Course Giveaway!

The makeup Industry is one that I think of in awe, but only from the opposite side of a youtube video, or as a reader of blogs and magazines. It hadn't crossed my mind to study it, because as far as I was concerned, it was all out there to learn through my finger tips. Then my cousin alerted me to Lisa Eldridge's, aka the all knowing, recent competition; oh and boy is it tempting.
With a chance to win a spot on a makeup artistry course, this is an example of makeup, I did purely for the sake of makeup. I realised this has happened more and more frequently through the past couple of years, as my passion for makeup has grown. From seeing my face routine as a chore, to hide those pesky spots, I see it now as a beloved hobby; art? Painting my face if you like. And anyone else willing.

My entry
'The Inverted Twiggy'
My goal - to bring a classic/recognisable look into a more modern makeup
; a tried and tested trick I've learnt from the beauty world  

An icon in the 60s, twiggy is arguably one of the first supermodels. The most iconic photo that I remember of her is in makeup similair to this, and that ever so famous pixie crop. In the interest of my sanity, I brushed the scissors aside. But I still I love the look, and decided to emulate the makeup. I thought the usual teardrop shape cut crease was a little to harsh, instead I diagonally mirrored the shape on the bottom lash line; did I pull it off? The eyeliner also makes for a slight eygyptian vibe. Although I wouldn't call this all that 'wearable', I would definitely pull it out for fancy dress or occasions calling for more out there makeup - let's hope fancy dress 21st's will soon be on the cards. To echo the theme in the rest of my gettup; I wore my forgotten collared shift dress and did my hair w a half up/down, synchronized curl do. 

The competition runs until my birthday, and all you have to do is photograph any makeup look you've done, and are proud of. Facebook based, link to her blog post explaining it all in detail here

Happy Makeup-ing

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