Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | March & April 2014

Little unconventional, but I wanted to spread the photo onslaught. I've left out any from my birthday & upcoming life posts, so repeats are at a minimum. 
- So sit back, and enjoy the photos that made it into my monthly montage.

 Despite there being a few do's, these are all I have to show for it. Photos took a back seat.
DW I'm still going Snapchat strong.
 Double the month, double the food.
 Revision Zombie / Painter & decorator sneezed all over our kitchen
 Don't look at me like I'm crazy dog lady. You smiled too.

 Stupid Selfies March & April edition.

 1st Pimms of the year / 6monthly Trim / Pub Quiz'n it

Snapchat of the month. A* for effort / Look who's on TV! / Seaside Blighty style

Tangent -
Happy tenth birthday Mean Girls!
'There's an 30% chance it's already raining'
Perfect English moto if I do say so myself.

Hope everyone had a smiley start to spring
Snippets and Snapshots - Month through Photos; Snapchat and little things take a starring role. Where photo's go when they aren't quite Photo album standard/appropriate, but no less fun to look back on.


  1. Cute pics, love the demure look dress, xoxo.

    1. Thankyou! Easily my favourite dress. Ever. EVER.

  2. great pictures! X


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