Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Recipe | 'The Bam' Cocktail

SO. It's the 20th anniversary of my day of birth, WOAH, and in honour of this occasion, ima blog something very grownup - a cocktail recipe. 

For my 18th birthday, I hosted a dinner party of Chinese food and cake; but it wouldn't have been an 18th without celebrating with my first legal drink! Avec friends, I started to experiment, and a few duds later we came up with ‘The Bam’ (Bam is their nickname for me). We cannot take all the credit though, as it is essentially a ‘Mickey Mouse’ with added spirit, it is therefore very easy to make without alcohol and would still be delish.

'The Bam'

Ingredients - Do experiment with flavours, but the basic recipe is as follows

·         Juice,I used
2/5 Tropical
2/5 Orange                         4/6 of the drink
1/5 Pineapple

·         Grenadine  1/6
Adds essential sweetness to an otherwise, sour drink
Crowd pleaser, creates a layered ‘sunset’ effect

·         Spirit (optional) 1/6
Easy to leave out, and adjust to taste (add less/more)
Can be any spirit, use your personal preference. E.g. ‘Vodka’ to not alter flavour,’ Malibu’ to add a coconut/holiday twist

·         Ice
Essential to any cocktail

·         Straws/Umbrellas/Mixers
Doesn't look the same without
Straws mean whilst drinking you don’t effect the unique layers

Pour the juice, spirit and ice. Make sure to add the grenadine last and don’t mix it afterwards to keep the layers prominent. + Accessories and voila!

Today I look at you through 20 year old eyes - is it me or are things moving slower?
Oh wait, maybe that's 'The-Bam-effect'

P.S. This is pre-written. 18+, Drink responsibly.

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  1. Happy 20th birthday Amber, from your loving old dad! xxx


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