Saturday, 12 April 2014

Outfit | 'Saturday Night Fever'

Penultimate installment in my 'Outfit's, featuring items I bought in my March trip to Manchester.

Friday 4th April 2014
Do you believe in love at first sight?

This purchase had a sneaky mention in a recent thrift find outfit post, ft a blazer. For anyone eager to know what said 'I have to have it' purchase was, viola.
I know, it's stunning. Made of a material closer to satin than that of usual blazers, it is anything but stiff, perfect for if I wanted to 'Saturday Night Fever' style strut-it-up. Although a little big, I don't think it looks off, and atleast I'm not drowning in shoulder pads. What appealed to me the most, were the lapels; they're eye catching, without being garish, and tie in any black I pair it with, more smoothly than It would without.
'I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour'

As I mentioned before, I struggle to pull of a blazer during the day, as my style is usually so casual. Today I went with the grain, and pulled out an evening look.

This simple long sleeved LBD, is a reliable backdrop to many of my 'unsure what to wear out' days. I can just about pull if off as a tucked in top, tie it into a crop, and finally it's actually purpose - as a dress.
Plus's: it doesn't go see-through in glare/flash. Despite being 'Bodycon' fit, it's not incredibly tight/uncomfortable; instead of emphasising bad bumps, it skims right over them. It's black, not TOO short, and I like the modest neckline to combat the lashings of leg. It was also less than £7, and has been washed and worn on many occasion, without loosing the shape or colour. Exactly what a little black dress should do? make you feel confident - which this most certainly does.

These shoes I can sadly no longer wear out as a borrower has stretched them, but don't they make my legs look tanned?! The clutch is also a massive fail, as I despise it - a bag that breaks on the first day of wear is no friend of mine. Yet, I still haven't replaced it?

Long Sleeved LBD - eBay
White Blazer - Charity Shop ( Zara )
Green Stilettos - eBay
Red Polish - Nails inc 'Big Apple Red'
Clutch - Newlook

The post name is so clever, even if I do say so myself.
For 1, if you hadn't already noticed from my rudolph style nose, I have a serious case of the sniffles. So serious, my family are taking bets on how much snot has appeared from me- 'what a great way to loose weight'. Yuck. Moving on.
2, It's Saturday - when I upload this anyway.
3, I'm John Travolter-ing it with my white ass blazer. Which also happens to be the new love of my life, and fav thrift finds from the northern delights.

I am on FY-ER.
No really. Best go take some Calpol.
With all my 'buys' outfits, I've kept my makeup very minimal, and mostly neglected my hair. I could say it was to keep the attention on the outfit, but that would be a lie. I just haven't felt like doing my face, to match my dressing up. So I didn't; ma blog, ma rules.
This outfit in particular, is where I would make more of an effort to suit the occasion, amp up the makeup and atleast do my hair, in an effort to compliment the beauty of this blazer.

Luckily, I have some suitable occasions upcoming to showcase this thrift find in all it's glory, and justify me buying it. With a few other styling ideas up my cuffed sleeve, look out for future suited and booted Amber, here on AmBlob.
- that was a typo, I just couldn't bare to correct it.


  1. OMG!!! AMAZING love a good charity shop find!


  2. Replies
    1. Not sure if I am wearing the blazer, or the blazer is wearing me?
      Either way, I love it :)
      Thankyou as ever

  3. Very cool blazer!! X