Saturday, 19 April 2014

Outfit | 'Salt & Pepper'

The final installment of my 'Outfits', featuring items I bought on my March trip to Manchester

Tuesday 15th April 2014
Ft. speckles and freckles

Now I know the 'Salt & Pepper' look is making a revival amidst the A-listers, Becks I'm looking at you, but why can't anyone else be in on the trend?
Facial hair aside, my wardrobe wants some of that action, and this black and white jumper is my way in. 

Another of my finds, from the Zara hotspot, in this now infamous Cancer Research. Monochrome, aka all I wear, and comfy - this V-neck number was miles cheaper than similair ones in the shops. I'll be the last to moan about a sunny spring, but it is a shame this speckled number is subject to the sidelines so soon after I bought it. 
Like the knit jumper, my Denim Jacket is a sterling addition to any outfit; I'm even starting to get double denim temptation. Which swiftly moves me to a matter of insanity; say hello to my very first pair of black jeans. I know, shocking that after nearly 20 years, I've only just introduced some black denim to my life.

I did want to switch it up, away from the jeans so far featured on my blog, but I just love the 'super high wasited' offering from Primark. Tempting to wear them all day er day, and at £10? I'm still in awe.
Lastly, I got my hands on a tartan scarf. I'd been after a subtle, un-RED version, not made of wool - harder to find than you might think! Garden centre I grabbed this; odd. £2.
Jumper, tartan scarf, black skinnies, boots, oversized denim jacket; you'll be treasured.

The best value outfit, at £26 for 5 pieces ( disregarding my boots )
- Oh I do love getting my thrift on.

Knit Jumper - Charity Shop £6 (Zara), bakwards, yet again.
Denim Jacket - Charity Shop
Jeans - Primark
Glasses - Primark
Scarf - Garden centre
Boots - Clarks

As I'm writing this, I realise most of my purchases were very winter esc. Ahh well you can never be too sure with England. I know, cliche, but there's a reason everyone says it! 
I hope this little series proved that there is not always a need to spend the big bucks, just a little more time seeking out the gems.

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  1. Very cool and casual look! X

    1. Casual is definitely my philosophy


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