Saturday, 5 April 2014

Outfit | 'American Apparel?'

Half way through my 'Outfit's, featuring items I bought in my March trip to Manchester.

Thursday 3rd April 2014

'American Apparel' esc. Comfort. Dupe?
My drop price alternative to the ever so famous 'easy jeans', a cousin to my beloved 'striped, sleeved, crop', and an almost identical imitation of the white lined 'zip hoody'. = A walking, talking, mirage of their website.

I have always loved the reliable, quality and comfort of Superdry hoodies. Mum treated me to this one at the Cheshire Oaks Superdry outlet; ofc it had to be orange, and for both I am truely thankful. Unlike my navy one, there is no otd branding, which makes the colour the focus. I love them equally, and now both my neutral and coloured clothe bases are hoody-covered.
Outlets are great for pieces like this; they don't vary much in style throughtout the year, so why shouldn't you buy last seasons offerings? They always have more variety in the men's, so I would recommend taking a nosey there. Reduced to £29.99, I would struggle to find somewhere that sells this kind of quality, for cheaper.

The striped top was impulse; one of the many charity shops had obviously recently recieved donations from a retail establishment - multiples of certain stock, and tags were the giveaway. I have a couple of striped tops, but mainly navy and white. This appealed to me purely because the stripes veered in different directions, and that was something I hadn't seen before. It's short/not cropped, and loose-ish fit. Great staple, for £3 - no thankyou £18 Topshop offering. 

Lastly, I cannot hype the Primark 'Super High Waisted' jeans up enough. For a tenner, they far exceed the quality of more expensive versions I have tried. I cannot compare them to the 'easy jeans' as I've never owned a pair, but the appearance is somewhat identical; the fact I haven't been tempted by the prospect since, speaks volumes of the Primark copycat. I intend to do an indepth review within the next few months, but more info here in the mean time.

Top - Charity Shop
Hoody - Superdry Outlet
Jeans - Primark
Converse - Schuh

Conclusion - A Sea of staples.
Yes, I see the merit to new trends; the impact, and the novelty of dressing up.
I love slinking into my completely casual ways, day to day, and feeling good in that.
 = the cushion, for keeping up my confidence.

Can you tell I was getting more grumpy as the photos went through. Doing an outfit post on your own is challenging! Not helped by the fact the focus kept going squew-iff when the sun dipped in and out.
With the recent sun, I did find this a little hot for day to day wear. But they'll always be called for soon as chilly returns.


  1. Love the striped top and that hoodie looks so comfty!:)x

    1. Oh it is. & more socially acceptable to my beloved dressing gown aha


  2. I just love your hoodie! Its summer here but I won't really mind buying it now.

    themiasalazar { life | thoughts | pictures }

    1. The colour is the bomb.
      Dooo it! there's always place for a hoody in any kind of wardrobe; season sneason

  3. The colour of that hoodie is gorgeous! Superdry hoodies are the cosiest things in the world :)

    I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award because your blog is fab!
    Have a look at my link for more info :)

    1. You speak the truth :) and at outlet prices? it was obviously meant to be.

      Thankyou again! That means alot-alot :)


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