Monday, 7 April 2014

Life | 'Teenage Dream'

Approaching my 20th birthday, has brought out the reminiscing in me. I grew to a statuesque 5ft3, made it through 'big girl school', and a major peak? I no longer have a bed time.

10 years is a long time to cram into one post, so think of these as sneak peak of 'Amber; 10, going on 20'

A few subjects stand out, and I tried to include me at a range of ages. OBV, there is less to chose from in the earlier years, & absolutely diamond's will be missed out. I also tried to keep the speech to a minimum, short & sweet points, otherwise I ramble all day.
Everyone has ups and downs, but this post has a definite positive vibe; why dwell?

Most photos feature me, with gems by my side; embrace the questionable hair, outfits, and expressions - 
A 'where's wally' for those who don't know me so well :)

I won't make this into an Oscar speech, but I really wouldn't be who I am without my family. They've seen me through struggles, and illness, with endless kindness and tremendous patience. They're also a major reason why I succeed, and have enjoyed such an amazing and uplifting decade (& on). The merit to a solid, reliable, support structure, through both friends and family, should never be underestimated. I am truly thankful. Mush over.

2006 / 2011 / 2013
 Unfortunately, we said good bye to loved ones, but also welcomed new ones to the fold :)
New babes, in-laws, and a rising star of AmBlog - Magic / affectionately nicknamed Maj, the Collie Cocker Spaniel.
Thank goodness we're past the 'you look so much like your mother/brother/father', & 'haven't you grown' stage; because, well, actually - I quite obviously haven't.

There were Weddings, Significant Birthdays, Jubilees and general celebrations galore.
Events like these are ones that stick with you, and photos you revisit with a nostalgic eye.

Chris's Graduation / Olympic Stadium! - Yes I appreciate I have the wrong flag / Being a Bridesmaid

I took the roll of bridesmaid for my godmother's wedding, and it was a massive honour. Oh so fancy.
We also managed to get tickets to the Paralympics; my highlight was seeing the runner from Djibouti keep going regardless of his injury, and position - he deserved every standing ovation. My brothers and I were also generously gifted OLYMPIC diving seats! Both, incredibly uplifting and inspiring - and once in a lifetime opportunities.

Lanzarote / Turkey / Devon / Winterwonderland S.England style

Who doesn't love a good holiday! My family plan to get away atleast once a year, what a privalidge. Mostly on home turf, but there were a few plane rides away :) How could you pick the highlights?

I've been lucky enough to see the sun & sights over seas, sample skiing, and experience what the g'old blighty has to offer.

Kos 2004 / S France 2011 / Crete 2007

Prom & Parties
Teens are where parties, become parties - cue cake and bad dancing. This decade has brought me through all the '13 going on 30's' &  sweet sixteens; to the likes of legally being an adult @ 18, and 'clubbing'. Though now, I feel far to old for that.
12th Birthday / NYE 2010

Proms and Leavers swept by without me realising the significance, until now; 'sweet sweet memories'. Along with some amazing people, I made it out the other side.

Promiscuous 2010  
'Super Heroes' / Young one's 18th / 'Snow White & her 8 dwarves' - aka, the sequel / Disney
 never too old to play dressup
Leavers 2012 <3

Sport was, and will be back to, a big part of my life. From the age of 6ish-14 I was fairly consistently gym-ing. I took part in individual, but mainly 'Sports Acro', which is gymnastics with partners. Unfortunately, it took up too much of time approaching exams, so it was a love I had to leave.

2000 & unsure

Ballet followed, then Trampolining, and as I've become older, Netball is my chosen one. I'm very fortunate to have been given the opportunities to enjoy all these sports - definitely fulfilled my teenage years in a big way.

Friends - 'moments are made by the people you are with'. Undoubtedly the hardest to cut down!
Countless photos to chose from
- I always find the less perfect the picture, the more unique, as anyone can stand in a line and smile.
Still, both are special.
2012 / 2005 / 2008 - check owt those fishlips / 2004

2007 / 2010 / 2009 / 2012

My 18th! / 2010 / 2008

Many new people in my life through this decade, some come and go
I just feel ever so lucky to say I have made some true, quality, friends. Till we're old and grey.

Oh, &
 I still feel quite uncomfortable that Beibs is older than me
Secretly embarrassed, but LOVING my 5* photo poses through the years
Only a few weeks back, I was ID'd for a lottery ticket, so apparently I still emit '15 yr old girl' vibes - Great.
S'CLUB (original superstars), have now become 'S'CLUB WHO?' to the recent generation :|
Turkey twizzlers are a thing of the past :(
I am well and truly past the 'WKD's cool' phase & still feel the nerves getting served
I should maybe rethink my current hair colour
That 90's babies qualify as 'last millennium', which makes me feel ancient.
we all have to grow up sometime.
& that equates to some great memories, and photos to go with them :)

'Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional'

I wonder what 30 year old me will think?
Pre 20 Amber, over and out.

> I had to rummage through photos, you know, hard copies/developed photos! See, not all of my youth has been broadcast by the likes of Facebook or snapped by the ever so clever digital camera. I also made a point to not include photos from other posts on my blog, if by a slim chance you want to see more, here's a link to my 'life posts' .
> Half-hearted apology for the length. & cheesy theme - Sometimes, you just need to get it out of your system.


  1. This is a cute post, I love seeing people's old photos :) And nice words of wisdom at the end haha, I'm 22 this year and seeing you young 'uns makes me feel even more ancient!

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. Thankyou! Me too, the prep for this post was anything but a burden :)
      & there's my rellies reaching 60 and feeling anything but ancient. There's something wrong with this setup aha

  2. such a cute post! X

  3. Oh, the memories Amber! Brilliant blog and it'll be so interesting to see what you have to say about it in 10 years time, where you'll be, what you'll be doing. I know there are times when it's hard to see a path ahead, a future, but it's there, waiting for you. I have NO doubts that you'll be blessing everyone in your life, as you do now. Xxx

    1. I know! what a goldmine to look back on :)
      It better not leave without me :L thankyou for the ever uplifting words
      Straight back at you


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