Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Current Loves | 'Copper Lids'

As any long term readers know, I am crazy for orange.
That love has now stretched as far as the paint on our kitchen walls, and a starring new feature in my makeup.

Copper was a colour I shied away from beauty wise; worries of 'Ompa Lumpa' look or tired eyes, are what kept me at bay. But I grew some makeup related balls, and bought this stunner from MUA; worst that could happen? I waste a pound. But no.
Lid & under eye liner - Copper eyeshadow (MUA shade 28)
Softly blended out w bronzer (Barry M 'Natural Dazzle')

I was stunned; far from making me look ill, my venture made me look preened, and fresh. The orange tones popped against my green eyes, and the ever flattering pearl finish make my lids shimmer gorgeously when they hit the light. A great alternative is 'Sunset' from the Stila 'In the Light' palette, one which I highly endorse as a whole, but the MUA makes a dead on match for bargain shoppers and copper lovers alike.
Dupe #2?
Stila 'Sunset', MUA 'shade 28 pearl', MUA 'Malt Chocolate' liner.

I've since invested in a bronze-ish liner, also from MUA. I'm not mad on the staying power and silver glitter, but the effect is one I love. Whenever I'm unsure about a colour, I'll road test it in liner form, and am rarely disappointed.

Now pinching myself for not trying Amber hues on Amber's eyes any sooner
- MUA you've done good.

p.s . The family camera has gone walkies, so all photos were taken with an Iphone - quality is a little below par.
Colours are bound to look different in various lighting, I stick to 'natural light' as I find it the most realistic for everyday use.


  1. I actually much prefer a coppery eyeshadow than a taupe or a normal brown one, it just adds something to it. And I'm so surprised about the pigmentation of the MUA products, definitely going to pick them up the next time I'm in Superdrug!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. I chop & change, otherwise I never would have come across this gem!
      I know! they are on fire. I'm considering investigating more 'dupes' cos you just can't beat that price.

  2. I think coppery eyeshadows can look so alluring and give off a beach babe/goddess kind of look. That Stila eyeshadow palette has been on my wishlist forever :)

    1. I completely agree, think this is me tryna look a little something like J'Lo, whether I pull it off or not remains to be seen
      SO worth the price I tell ya


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