Sunday, 27 April 2014

Colour | 'Pining for PASTEL'

Pastel is a trend that comes back with vengeance each spring. Due to my pale skin and hair combo, I used to shy away from it. But with closer inspection, it seems I've built quite the collection.

My Pastel Picks


Picasso in swatches.

> This is a prime example of, you love the formula, but you shouldn't get everyone. This icy blue is reminiscent of the 'nothing but blue eye shadow' craze back in the late 90's, one that I won't be recreating in a hurry. Another Loreal infaillible eyeshadow, I got this in my stocking, and has been fun to try out; my only fault is the colour - Shade '32, Sassy Marshmellow'
> My sole MAC product, powder blush in 'Pink Cult', is a favourite. Cool tone dusty pink, that co-ordinates with any makeup, hair, or attitude. If in doubt, this is what I reach for.
> Collection 'Cream Puff' was one of the first ventures into lip creams - I was immediately put off. I don't know whether it's the colour '3, Fairy Cake', or the feel on the lips, it was just never right. That coupled with the dreaded crumbling off throughout wear is not a win wimme. Good for an hour or 2, unless I've wiped it off before then.
> The reoccurring way I rock pastel, is through my nail varnish. My toes stick to a uniform of reds, but my finger nails are more experimental. This 'lavender toned grey' from Sinful Colours is a goody. Grey nails are great and all, but this tone adds a lil sum'sum, while keeping it monochrome. Shade 'Mauve'.


> Just like the nails, this gorgeous crochet/knitted cardigan, charity shop - originally Topshop, satisfies my muted mauve fix. I've had it for yonks, and never seem to get past the white tee and jeans setup - suggestions welcome! £3.99.
> The 3/4 sleeved 'blush' tee is from Primark, and I bought it on a blonde day when I managed to spill, wait; pour, hot chocolate all over my top. It was in the sale at £3, and I have got my money's worth ten fold. Far from making me look like I'm not wearing anything atall, my 'tan' pops.
> Lastly, my first Superdry purchase at the tender age of 10. Half my life I've had this! Originally a lemon yellow, the colour and branding has faded, but I think I prefer it this way? A great example of how differently the 'women's' clothes are shaped in that shop. I want to say it's shrunk, but actually I've just grown - thank-goodness for that. £22.50. Can still get away with it, just.

> My favourite pick, would be these shoes. A purchase from last year, I simply couldn't choose between the nude and the black - I'm so glad I went for both as they are incredibly wearable and comfy. At £6 each, I wasn't breaking the bank, and despite the loafer style and studs; they aren't garish.  My only venture into nude shoes has been a successful one, thanks Primani.

One more item is hidden, as I plan on OOTD'n it up within the next few weeks. Let's hope the weather can can keep to the blogplan.

Who knew pastels weren't just for chalk boards?

Although all photos were taken on the same day in natural light, the brightness varies. Something I cannot control, particually on my iphone.


  1. i really like the pastel trend but for some reason it just doesn't look good on me! But I still love to rock some pastel nails once in a while!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Just need to find your pastel outlet, nails is my favourite place to start


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