Monday, 10 March 2014

Wardrobe | 'Cocoon in your cardigan'

I have more than my fair share of moments when I want to curl up in something warm and snuggly, but what to do when duvet is neither near nor socially acceptable?
Cover up with a Cocoon cardigan.
Both comfy and flattering, I am the lucky owner of three.
Straight up,
I am here to sing their praises.
I go loose uptop and tight down bottom, couldn't rephrase that so it didn't sound like a euphemism - sorry, with my choice in clothing; therefore, these are perfect for my taste.

From L-R
- Primani's finest; a navy, short sleeved job. 
Dual texture, it is both soft and durable. (£10)
- Most recent, and drapiest of the bunch; found on eBay, originally 'Topshop'.
Erring on guru side of slouchy, but I like that. Colour too, is nice for variety, particularly with the wardrobe of creams and jeans I usually rock. (£4)
- The originala few years young, and by far my favourite. 
From 'Miss Selfridge', of the most neutral colour, and the thinnest knit.
A pretty solid American Apparel 'Boucle shawl' dupe, and a great staple for anyone's wardrobe. (£24)

Great for layering in the winter, to topping a dress in the summer, these have hundreds of uses to come 
- My love affair with the fine knit continues


  1. Such a good idea! These look so comfortable, the middle one is my favourite, and at only £4 :o
    Great post :)

    1. Int they! Cannot recommend them enough :)
      ahhh I <3 eBay.
      thanks a bunch :)

  2. Cardigans are definitely an article of clothing that I don't have enough of! These look so lovely on you. Next winter I want to invest in quite a few ;)


    1. I on the other hand and swimming in them
      too kind:) knowing our luck, I'll need them all year round!


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