Sunday, 16 March 2014

Thrift Finds | #4, March 2014

#4: Should have been on a spending ban, March.
Premature thrift finds, as I have an inkling another exciting haul will follow later on in the month, and I want to keep my post topic's mixed.

1st Stop, Accessories

> My 'First Thrift Shoe Find', mid Blog
These were bought in anticipation for a trip. I had been after a pair of simple brown boots for a while, and ordered some in of the same style as my Clarks stars. I ended up hating the colour, a kind of mustardy brown wash, and in disgust went into Newlook in the hope of finding something more along the lines of what I wanted.
Success, at £14; simple, ankle height, 'chealsea boot' style.
All my outfits are completely covered with the option of brown or black boots - it's the simple things that please.

> 'China Glaze' Crackle polish & Sally Hanson Lipgloss.
 Although the 'crackle' nails craze has come and gone, I was curious to try it.

Poundshop's finest
£2 from 'Store Twenty One'
> About as statement as my jewellery will go; also adding some much needed gold into my wardrobe, in anticipation for summer.
- I like the simplicity, colour and the price!

> Brother Chris' thrift find, from TKMAXX.
(Matching mine from 'The Factory Shop', found a while back)
- This can't happen outside the boundaries of home or blog, k?

Ze Clothing
Both Tesco, at £12 and £4 respectably

> Yes, there seems to have been a knit jumper in each 'Thift Finds' - Guilty.
Hoping they'll start leaving the shelves soon, now spring has sprung, and I won't be so tempted.
BUT, this one isn't just cream?

> Love the cheek of this sweatshirt.
It was steal, and speaks more of the truth than I care to admit.
Had considered doing a DIY with something similair to this, would you still be interested?

These were a barg in the local charity shop, 'Jack Wills' trackies for £3. I have been given a Jack Wills top before, but i'm still pretty novice regarding their brand. One, they are SO expensive. 2, with my casual-comfy-quality base covered with Superdry, I have never felt the need to buy. BUT, I wouldn't pass this up. Although a leetle big, for mooching around the house they are golden.

& the odd one out

> These are a birthday present for my main dawg maj. Seasonal I know, but a dog will love it even so. 
If anything the present could pass for birthday, and who says you can't have fruit cake topped with a little holly anytime of year? 
80p each from the Robert Dias sale.

Now we're on the subject, only 9 months till Christmas! 
I joke.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshoyne :)


  1. Love those boots! <3
    Great blog!
    Would u like to follow each other? :)

    1. Me too. & they don't kill your feet!
      Thankyou :)
      Sorry for the late ass reply, but I was away without internet for a week.
      I'll be sure to have a nosey :)


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