Sunday, 30 March 2014

Outfit | 'Turquatic'

First in my 'Outfit's, featuring items I bought in my March trip to Manchester.

Saturday 29th March 2014
A way of adding some colour to my monochrome-drobe.

A flattering checked shirt is always welcome to the fold, but what stood out to me with this one, was the colour. The fact that it was 'Hollister', did little to sway me. £4 from a 'Scope' charity shop; quick try on, a check to see that it was 100% cotton, and I was a shirt richer.

Despite it being a couple of sizes too big, this 'flannel''s probably the most fitted of my options, so I think I can just about pull it off as a buttoned to the top job. Could you call it gingham? Hallelujah for it being long sleeved - 3/4 length limit shirts are my pet peev. That being said, I rolled them up today cos of the heat, but I just love that I have the option! Open (oo-er) or buttoned up, along side my partner in crime - high wasited jeans, I love how it looks. But this gorgeous Saturday morn, it's too hat! So I switched it for the shorts version.

I seem to have lost a bit of weight since last summer, yaay, but that does mean a few of my seasonal items are sitting a little loose. I did feel self conscious in my favourite denim shorts, 'moto' by Topshop, just couldn't help thinking that the scrunched up denim added; an unwanted bulge shall we say? But we're all friends here, I think you can look past that.

Shirt - Charity Shop (Hollister)
Denim Shorts - Topshop
Cardigan - Mum's, I think ASDA
Sunglasses - bought so long ago, I don't even know!
Belt - Primark
Converse - Schuh

To prevent me from looking too much like a southern bell, boots were brushed aside to make way for my beloved cream converse. To add to the turquoise vibe, I bought out my blue duo crome mirrored aviators, which I simply couldn't be able to stop squinting without. Oh and thanks to mum for the lending of her white cardi.

Lots of blue going on, which mum loves; and I too might be secretly enjoying.
Well, I am my mother's daughter - and proud of it too. 
Whilst we're on that subject, love from me and mine on this mothering sunday :)
& yes, this sunday is the right one


  1. Love the shirt, what a fab colour. I went through the phase where I'd wear buttoned shirts all the time! Very tempted to add a couple to my wardrobe after seeing this.
    Also, you look fab! You pull of this look effortlessly! :)

    1. Int it pretty? Never seen anything like it before :)
      They are foolproof, but thankyou :)
      love your blogname!

  2. Nice shirt! like the colour for summer!! X


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