Monday, 24 March 2014

Nails | Snap, Crackle & Pop. (ft. Review & Giveaway)

So having just returned for my northern adventure where I was a week with 98% no internet, it's fair to say I had a little blog-spiration -
Introducing, my first 'Nails' post.
Technically, it could fit under the beauty category; but nails is a old love, that I personally think take a starring role in any beauty lovers routine, and are worthy of their own spot.

This is a find from my first visit to Poundland, which you may have seen in my most recent 'thrift finds'. Although the 'crackle' craze has come and gone, I had yet to have a go myself. & at £1 for a 'China Glaze' polish, what was the harm in trying it? 
- May also sneak in a giveaway for good measure.


The Verdict
/ Review, of the China Glaze 'Crackle' Polish shade '980, BLACK MESH'

I think it's still a great fuss free way to nail art - aka it looks like I took time on this, but in reality, it is as simple as any mani pedi. You could bluff, and pretend you're useless whilst it drys though, if you wanted.

I heard myths on the contrary, but it is infact as simple as applying a normal nail polish - none of that paint, wait, magnet / paint, sprinkle with 100's and 1000's, nonsense. The difference? This one's magic; after nearly no time atall, it crackles right before your eyes. Cue northern accent 'my whole life flashed before me wa really borin' - anyone who know's what I'm talking about deserves a medal. Random quotes asside, polish quality is there. It lasts well with/without a top coat; best bit, even when it does chip, it looks like part of the design! I usually use one coat, apart from on the example thumb, and get the desired effect. True to colour, and so far no sign of gloopyness or wateryness, despite continued use. The brush is quite fine, but due to the nature of the finish, it really doesn't matter; infact, it allows you to easily touch up if it's not quite how you wanted. This particular polish dries matte, but I would recommend a top coat to soften the feel of your nails - broken texture is to be expected! Only downside is it doesn't mimic the delightful rice crispy sound I expected - sorry to anyone disappointed by the lack of it, despite the name of this post. It was just catchy, I didn't mean to mislead you.
Thouroughly impressed! 5*

My personal props
'mani menu'
> The direction you paint, equates to the direction of the crackle.
> The thickness of each coat / amount of coats, determine the crackle size. The thicker the coat, the bigger the clumps of colour.
> Do not be afraid to layer.
> No crackle is the same, so it's a new nail look everytime you try it.
> You can use any other polish beneath it, no matter the brand, just make sure it's fully dried. - I chose white to make the crackle effect the easiest to see.

Oh and don't worry about the excess around my nails, that came clean off after a wash with warm water.

L - R, the thicker the coat

1 layer, 2 layers

Finally, I'm just about upto date on all the blog posts I missed, and want to say a massive thankyou to my current and new followers! To most it wouldn't be groundbreaking, some may even sneeze and inherit that - but 30 is a milestone number (albeit in years young) for many, so why can't it be for my blog? Cue the giveaway.

1 lucky reader will win their own polish to try out for themselves, shade '978, lightning bolt'; all you have to do is be a subscriber to my blog, either by GFC or Blogluvin'.

Unfortunately they were out of the black shade when I went to get it today
- No doubt it'll be just as good.

Finding Roflcopter a struggle short notice, so I'm simply going to randomise a number and correspond it w my followers. GFC and Blogluvin' will both count, in a continuous scale, so you have the option of more chances to win. I'll contact the winner after 2 weeks, stating it here on this very blogpost, and re-randomise if it turns out they weren't interested. Unfortunately, I hear sending liquids (incl nail polishes) is tricky overseas, so I'm afraid this is limited to the UK.
On the other hand, you could simply scour your local Poundland, I believe it more than worth the money.

Randomised no. 15
WINNER = Leanne ismyname

I feel so shame in saying I missed my blog more than any other aspect of the internet, including social media, and my beloved Snapchat
- ah, it's good to be back.

Quote answer: Chicken Run. Or as I like to call it, the superior original to 'Happy Feet'.

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