Saturday, 8 March 2014

Life | 'Specs Appeal'

Last month, I was confronted with my own mortality. Okay, bit dramatic.
Deteriorating eyesight has definitely hit me with the realisation that I am now, officially a grownup.
Here follows the story of 'my molly'
 (may also have sneaked in a 'stupid specs selfies' montage)
I must admit I was slightly in denial, and it took a prompt from my dad that no, that train was not going to Ennon, but Epsom.
I could not have been more immature touring the specs shops with my mum and dad; the face looking back at me was just too much to take seriously. I cannot tell you how many pairs of glasses have graced my face in the past month, but it was much more fun than I expected. It's quite an investment, so I wanted to make sure of my choice. 

Mum did try to snap a few photos of me trying various styles in store, but we gave into sales assistant shame pressure. So instead, I tried on the old and new of my families collection, for a laugh.

Feeling spexy
 Dad's very 70's, dusty, and one lense offerings.
could only get hold of dad's at short notice
- 'stupid specs selfies' slot, to be continued..

back to business
 My eye candy:
I chose the Specsaver's 'Molly' style, £85, 
with anti-glare lenses included.
'Some glasses that frame one person's face, look ridiculous on another'
It was decided early on that black was a nono, and I preferred the feel/weight of plastic over metal. I found that although I liked a fair few on the hanger, on my face it was a different story; and vice-versa. I wear my hair down more often, but made sure to check how I like them with my hair up aswell.
Cover all bases, don't feel rushed into a decision; I would keep this in mind when choosing your own eye candy. 
I went for a 'why be subtle' pair (can you tell that's my new favourite saying?), and am pleased as punch. 
Ray ban esc, subtle tortoise shell, comfortable; sit lower than my eyebrows, yet not resting on my cheeks. 
Originally, the arms needed a little tweaking, but the frames and lenses were ordered in complete after 6 days.

Have not enjoyed writing a post as much as this one in a while; time well spent.
All in good humour, now braced for you opinions :)

ps. With thanks to pete's camera work, and dad's tripod.

pss. Was hell bent on including a link to a post with the funniest photo montage I have seen in a long time concerning glasses, but cannot for the life of me remember where/which blog it was on. It involved a moving picture of 'New Girl''s Jess, and I would be thankful to anyone who commented a link because I want to like/share/tweet/follow that shit.  


  1. you look pretty with specs on.
    Its a bummer for me though. I always have to wear specs but I don't look good with it. haha!


    1. I have been lucky with my eyesight :) I'll bet that's not the case.
      put me in 99% of specs and you gotta laughable look on your hands!

  2. Join the club!

    Still looking fabulous, aren't you, Amber!


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