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Life | Northern Delights, March 2014

To prevent a mass of photo posts appearing, I decided to make March's installment a holiday special.
- I'll merge miscellaneous March, with April, to form a joint 'Snippets & Snapshots' next month.

As regular readers may have guessed, mid March, I went on vacay for a week!
Here follows the lo down of daily activities - ft. captions and photos;  starring my mum (mother, daughter, why not? trip) + my cousin and his gorgeous family.
Hope the smiles are infectious.

Stage 1, Friday, Home - Birmingham

On the way up, we stopped at Birmingham for mum to schmooze with friends - 'Premier Inn' pitstop if you will. Glammest makeup setup I've ever seen #mummyiwantone

'Beafeater' chicken breast burger was epic. My mouth was watering at the picture on the menu.. so photographic persuasion is a thing?

Saturday, the rest of the journey!
We got there in good time, so ended up cotching in a local service station cheering along to the rugby on the radio.
 England rugby SO close, we were with you all the way. Excitement of a blasting win selfie ^
After lunch, we mooched around a local town whilst we waited for our abode.
Charity shop joy - reoccuring theme of the week!

Mum treated me to the double bed, novelty not lost ^

Sunday morn, was the one and only lie in; a day to learn how to work the appliances, unpack and epitome of relax.
^ Before and after meal out - quite the difference ^
Side note: if only dressing gowns were more socially acceptable? It's practically a mix of kimono, fluffy jumper, and hoody. Why is this not happening.

Once presentable, we made our way over to see the reason we came all this way, family.

 ^ The day we first met Joseph / Mum obviously has the magic touch ^

Sunday afternoon consisted of cuddles, lots of nattering, playing, and smiling - excuse the cheese, it was just so bliss. Dinner of home made lasagna cements the suggestion that Suzi, is indeed, super mum. We bow down in awe.

Monday was spent: roaming the local town, pulling off being young enough for the playground, and stopping for a 'baby chino'. Which omg, led to possibly the cutest photo I have ever taken. 
Something isn't right with this picture 0.o ^

Tuesday was the awesome trip to 'Cheshire Oaks' outlet retail park, where I found myself emptying my wallet - willingly!
Superdry was our fav
I also treated mum to some delish Wagamumma, where I first sampled 'Rahmen'. I went for the 'wagamamma rahem', which although I failed to finish, was exactly how it's hyped. The perfect warming, filling, and yummy food to eat after the hard work of the morning(cough), and bulk me up for the blistering winds we encounted whilst walking around.

Wednesday, we made our way over to the city of Chester to see my rock, Rach.
 We chatted, whilst wandering around giant shops, and seeking out pretty vintage gems. 
Too soon it was time to be off before the rush hour took hold. Bittersweet.

Thursday, we all spent the morn at ours, then mosied up to a massive nearby national trust playpark.
 Baby model alert ^
- even the adults were joining in

Picture-esc feeding the ducks, passing Shire horses, though the weather didn't follow suit.

It was decided then, that we took a trip to a local farm that has diversified into a 'milkfarm', w ICE CREAM cafe - so from one cold to another. Yes, you could argue we were slightly mad. The place sold purely homemade ice cream, you can just imagine the choice.
^ Toddler awe / My honeycomb cone ^

If I had been more on the ball, I would have planned/photographed a post right there and then. But I was feeling a bit naff, and my cone become the priority.

Friday, being our last day, a lax nosey nearby was on the menu. This is where the peak of my charity shop finds occurred, and annoyingly, the nicest weather.
 drooling over some beautiful, bespoke, dainty jewellery ^
Entered my first Space.NK. Swoon

But being organised women that we are, it was back to pack, wash, and make ourselves presentable for the scheduled takeaway. 
After the babes were in bed, It was a lovely chance to catch up properly, and stretch our bellies with delicious Indian. 
 bedtime story was a little scary
^ Impossible not to arwh at that / Suzi's first snapchat ^

Saturday, home time - & we managed to be back before 1. You don't want to know when we woke up.

annnd, scene.

The week consisted of family, friends, food; shopping and relaxation.
I don't know if they're reading this, but I want to say big thanks to Ru, Su & Co.
You made the trip, and although we didn't do anything out of the ordinary, this suited us to a tee.
I loved it all.

'they must be hiding spies that really need to see in the dark' 

 It's humble pie time; till we meet again M4.
p.s Photos were far fewer than I wanted, & mainly taken badly on my iphone = No chance of 'journal' posts.
But, as mum says, 'if there are lots of photos, you know they're not having as much fun'.
Wasn't lying when I said Donkeys were our neighbours
- pardon the pun.

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