Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Face & Outfit | 'Inspired by Mum', House of Fraser Competition

When I was prompted to a competition 'House of Fraser' were holding, honouring blogger mum's everywhere, I wanted in. 
My mum is my rock, and deserves more praise than I ever give her; aswell as being fun to do, there's a chance to win a whopping £100 giftcard!

All you have to do is create a look for your blog, in photo form, along the theme of 'Inspired by Mum'. The look could be something as simple as incorporating a piece of her clothing, or stretch to recreating an old photo of hers. Beauty or Full Outfit; course I did both. The fun bit, pick an item from the House of Fraser website that would complete your outfit; a clothing, accessory or beauty item. When complete, simply comment a link to your entry, on their competition post - home of all this information and more. 
Competition closes 2nd April at midnight, leaving you bags of time to share some mother's day love :) good luck!

Now to my entry

Cue family brainstorm, the subject? ma mum.
Top 3 conclusions - Blue. Sunflowers. Scarves. 
If she could have a blue, sunflower, emblazoned on a scarf, that women would be in heaven. 'more shabby than chic is my style', Mum's own words; well you pull it off so well. 
Sadly there are no sunflowers in my wardrobe, and scarves aren't so much my thing - so blue it is.
I chose the route of piece 'Inspiration',  aswell as incorporating her signature tastes. 

The star of the show
This Opal ring was handed down from my Mum's mum to her, and is more precious than any other piece for that very reason. Plus it's blooming gorgeous.
This allows me flexibility with colour spectrum, and instantly stuns in any outfit.
Past wears include my prom, family weddings and leavers parties - so blog, think yourself lucky.


 Conventional and Selfie style
The clothing focus are these 
gorgeous leggings - H&M,
 with hues of blues galore, green, pink and grey
Epitome of opal colours if I do say so myself.
Story of the bag
Me : 'One day when I'm rich and not famous,
I will buy a Chanel bag'
Next day, Mum : 'Will this one do till then?'
Yes I wear a lot of Knit jumpers, but I can thank my mum.
Smith women have a tendency to find what they like, and stick with it - hence her wardrobe brimming with blue.
This one is a personal fav, as it's long enough to pull of with leggings, and there's an unexpected detail to the back -
makes a great night out top, to swimsuit coverup.
Mum actually spotted it, seeing a theme here?

The bright eyed readers will have noticed there is something missing in my outfit;
I just couldn't find the perfect fit in my current collection.; cue my 'House of Fraser' pick
Aldo 'Livergnano', pointed toe court shoes
shade 'Off White'
I decided on heels, because although she would fiercely deny it, she's the classiest bird I know; and nothing speaks class more than a chic stiletto. Cut out's style to celebrate the sun having risen it's happy little head :)

These are the sort of pair I would love to be a wearer of. Been lusting over them on blogs, just never have the guts to wear them, casually with loose jeans and a white tee like they all do so well.
I chose a classic pale nude, that could almost be seen as cream in some lights, though the black version equally takes my fancy. I think they pair well with both my chosen top and bottom, completing the outfit, without competing for attention. Patent so the staying clean would be less of a struggle, but the shape is what most attracted me. Pretty yet practical, something I could pair with many an outfit, not just this one. Why didn't I go strappy? I haven't the balance for that!

Beauty is my best bit
colour co-ordination at it's most elementary
Went for curls, as that's her favourite hairstyle
on me - I woke up like this.
If only queen B, GHD's gave me a helping hand

Black liner to suit my taste,
 & Turquoise liquid liner, as an ode to ma ma.

Tools to make-me-up
My usj, plus
- Brought out my shade of our matching foundations
- A nod to mum's signature 'everyday' makeup look
'nothing but a touch of turquoise liner'

Blog time well spent, now to find that ever elusive Mother's day present..

'Your Mum may be great and all that, but she misses out on 'The Best' title'
- Hope I did ya proud Deb.

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