Saturday, 29 March 2014

Buys | 'Northern Delights', March 2014

It is probably no shock to any of you, but whilst I was away, I spent some money. 
Shopping was bloody successful, and I walked away with many a bargain. I saved up, had a budget, yet still came back with provisions for next time! Good job, as that may be sooner than first expected :D

3 Hauls in 3 weeks = ridunculous. 
Today is simply a sneak preview. 
Simple 'Outfit' posts will follow in the next couple of weeks, starring some of the newbie pieces. All that^, and more, to look forward to seeing and stylin. Off the bat, a fair few were charity shop buys; but with the likes of eBay and depop, anything you like the look of, could be at the end of your finger tips. Or, it may just tempt you to get your thrift on.

L-R: £3.50 / £1 / £1.20
Mini haul I will include, thus keeping AmBlog. PG rated, was from 'Cheshire Oaks' Monsoon/Accessorize.
Full price, both shops are pretty expensive; but by outlet, I snagged these 3 for not much over a fiver. A pair of orange bikini bottoms, to match a lone top perfectly; an 'A' engraved disc within a dainty chain bracelet, and a simple stud ended bangle - both gold tone. Summer looming tends to bring out the gold in me.

It's now become a rare occurrence for me that any holiday is 'beauty' purchase free, but this one's particularly pretty
- see my makeup buys here.

With thanks to my current husky-cold-voice, that bought out the teaser post in me
- 'Phoebe Buffay', eat your heart out.
Links to subsequent 'Outfit's

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