Saturday, 22 March 2014

Buys | 'Cheshire Oaks CCO'

My bank balance was hit like a tonne of bricks, at ‘Cheshire Oaks Retail Park’.  It had been anticipated, and looking now at the beauty that is before me; I feel no pain.
Could I be anymore dramatic? Well, I am just someone who went from owning 5 highend makeup items to 10 in one day.
Which is not headline hitting news, but I do feel like I could do with a cuppa, even though I’m not a drinker of tea.

I personally went eyeshadow base crazy; they had offerings from all the Estee lauder umbrella brands, and more. From purple and teal, to bronze and neutral, the possibilities were overwhelming. Eg. MAC, and the infamous ‘soft ocre’; to Smashbox, with every colour under the sun. 
I struggle to find similar products of good quality from the highstreet, or they’re in outlandish colours, so I was more than happy to pay extra.

The blush I bought was an ‘oh what the hell’ purchase, the eyeshadow’s, an unexpected suprise; one of them the last in their shade left, sweeet. Smashbox was pricier than expected, but everything I bought I am sold with, and can’t wait to get using. Although the bases, palettes and lip products were appealing, I decided to go with what I considered the crème de le crème- that also filled convincing gaps for in my collection. Or atleast I convinced myself of that.

Whatever the stigma with buying outlet, I was so impressed with how broad the variety, how wearable, and how reasonable each product was. I would have loved the whole shop, but as it stands, I spy 6.

Estee Lauder Blush '03, Electric Pink' £17.50
2 Bobbi brown Eyeshadows each £11
‘4, Taupe’ & '16, Slate'
2 Estee Lauder ‘Shadow Cremes’ each £12.25
'13, Golden Sands' & '06, Ivory lace' – one is destined for a friend.
Origins ‘brightening cream eyeshadow, '01, Vanilla Vroom' £11
( lighter/neutral tone alternative to ‘Soft Ocre’)

No, I wouldn't usually spend this much on makeup, but this really is once in a blue moon. Well many blue moons, occasion - & as mum said, it’s my money.

I should have taken more pictures mid shop, but blogging took a back seat to makeup mahem today.
But, my CCO standouts were: ‘Estee Lauder’ incl ‘double wear’, ‘MAC’ all things eyes, ‘Bobbi Brown’ eyeshadow variety, everything ‘Smashbox’, Clinique, never before seen Origins, Aerin, and shelves full of perfume. If only they have more near by! spose my purse wouldn't thank them.

It was straight to photographing when we got back, couldn't possibly use them before blogging them?!? 
As I sit here writing this post, covered/amassed in swatches; I am one happy Makeup junkie. SO looking forward to painting my face with these goodies, and reporting back here on AmBlog.

p.s. Thanks to ‘mysterious neon lights,’ for her post on this gem, or I would never have visited it myself on this recent trip up north.

pp.s. Might be more on ‘money spent in Manchester’ this March. Phew, tongue twister. 


  1. Hey! I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!
    I think you have a great blog :D
    You can see the post here:

    I love the OCC at Cheshire Oaks too, looks like you picked up some really good deals!

    Leanne xx

    1. Coyh, thanks :)
      I did, & already having withdrawals
      Again, big thanks for the heads up!

  2. I can see why you couldn't resist-that Estee Lauder blush looks like the perfect pink!

    1. Cue *heart eyed emoji*
      May have to steal that thought as the spending justification :)

  3. haha shadow base crazy! but I totally agree with you, there aren't many good ones from the high street!
    The Beauty Break

    1. The heart wants what the heart wants
      & I have given one away
      fingers crossed they get their formula act together asap



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