Thursday, 27 March 2014

Beauty/Wardrobe/Face | 'Northern Baggage', March 2014

Suddenly, it was the end of our week away, and not only did I not want it to end, but I realised I had completely failed in my endeavor to blog the week away. I could blame it on my lack of time, internet, or sleep, but the truth of the matter is - I was having too much of a damn good time to make it a priority. I'm sure fellow bloggers will understand, but you need to make a conscious effort to blog, whether it be extra time for taking photos, or coming up with an idea you are happy with!
Blog plan out the window, cue 2 posts.

As my last 'packing' post (re winter sun week away October2013) proved popular, I decided that was a good place to start.
Northerned the theme up a little
- more makeup/accessories, + no place for camis & flipflops up north this time of year! 

I can completely understand why people take their best glad rags away with them, but this trip was much more laid back. Priorities were comfort, and practicality; alot of family time was involved, and I definitely can't see how following my baby cousin around the playground would work in a pencil skirt and heels.
Jeans, LOTS OF JUMPERS, and minimal jewelry is the running theme.

I quickly shot the makeup I had been rocking most of the week, along with an outfit of a similair theme.
<3'n using orangey/bronze shadow to create subtle shading, and bring out the green in my eyes. I switched between that, and makeup similiar to that of this post.
As you can see, my wardrobe palette was pretty neutral, so I decided to jazz it up with my favourite part, the makeup.

Stars were definitely:
 'Sunset' from Stila's 'In the light' palette, Bare minerals 'Original foundation', & Rimmel lasting finish lipstick '03'

Tools to make-me-up
Future notes
1. The dress was stupidly optimistic, but we had 19 degrees the week before!
2. Too lax on heavy layers, I should know by now never to underestimate the seasons.
3. Hair will be having none of it in the northerly breeze, remember hair bands.

I tried to limit the text, but I will ofcourse respond to questions concerning specific items

Week's lo down ft photos, will hopefully be up this weekend.

These past 2 weeks have seen little of me on the blog. Posts since 15th March were either pre written and/or uploaded quickly whilst I had internet. Dispite being home, it's taken a back step.
Bare with - This Miranda lover isn't giving up :) 


  1. Love the jewels! X

    1. Ah, so do I !
      Jewellery brings out the magpie in me :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Replies
    1. Thankyou! :)
      My do's hue is ever changing in photos/different lights - some call it damage, I like to call it unintentional ombre


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