Thursday, 13 March 2014

Dupe? | Stila 'Kitten' Eyeshadow

Dupe is a questionable word in the beauty world, but I am always after the next best thing, for the next best price. Although no 2 products can be exactly the same, I think it is worth mentioning similarities between them, and sharing your discoveries!
Here I bring you my 'dupes', aswell as my personal thoughts on known dupes.

#1: Stila's 'Kitten' V MUA 'Shade 1, Pearl'
Stila's 'Kitten' is coveted, beautiful, but expensive 
MUA Eyeshadow, 'shade 1 Pearl', a hidden gem?

R - Stila
No doubt, 'Kitten' is the epitomy of buttery smooth; so much so, I'm a little worried it might break! I need meery dab my finger in the product, and I have enough for my whole lid.
Though not of the same standard, one swipe of the MUA deems it compatable, which I still think is very impressive!
Both pigmentation's are top quality.
Stila's 'Kitten' 5* :MUA 'Shade 1 Pearl' 4*

Colour & Finish
By Swatch, you can see 'Kitten' is much more peachy; though the tone difference isn't obvious on my eyes. Both, I would class, as 'champagne', aswell as true to pan colour.
'Shade 1 Pearl' as shimmery, 'Kitten' as Shimmer/glitter; this is most obvious difference between them.
Both can be used wet and dry without problem.
Stila's 'Kitten' 5* : MUA 'Shade 1 Pearl' 5*

L - 'Kitten',
R - 'Shade 1 Pearl'
Application & Staying Power
They apply how they swatch; MUA = smooth with full colour, 'Kitten' = not quite as even, with glittery fall out - (do bare in mind I use my FINGERS TO APPLY).
Both last a whole makeup day. Neither creases, nor smudges; BUT - 'Kitten' emphasisies my lid line, and transfers into my crease on first application.
I often double up 'shade 1 pearl' as a highlight, but 'Kitten' would be too glittery for my taste for that use - praise to MUA on this count.
Stila's 'Kitten' 3* : MUA 'Shade 1 Pearl' 5*

Can you guess which lid is which shadow?
'Kitten', though slightly cheaper than MAC, that's a hefty hole in anyone's wallet for an eyeshadow. £12, in compact form.
MUA, at an unbeatable £1. 
Stila's 'Kitten' 2* : MUA 'Shade 1 Pearl' 5*

A Shimmery champagne is a must for a beauty bag, I do not debate that -
here are 2 great contenders to fill the gap, it just depends on what criteria you're after. 

Although the tone of the shadow differ ever so slightly, that feature is practically undetectable on my lids.
Take note of the 'finish' factor; in that Stila's offer is much more glittery, which may not be too everyone's taste.

For anyone on a budget, or on the fence regarding the shade, MUA is a great alternative.
That being said, Stila's shadows are probably of the highest quality, that I have in my collection, 
- particularly in this palette, I believe them more than worth the money.

Peach tint, and Glitter got in the way: 3.5*.

 I would search Stila's website on prices & places that stock their products,
MUA is found in Superdrug, and does world wide delivery online!
All photos in natural light


  1. Wow, that is one good dupe!!

  2. I love a good dupe since I'm so broke! The mua one does look a bit less gold and more yellowtail but it's only £1!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Snap,
      I think I may even prefer the MUA!

  3. Ok you've just made my day haha I love kitten and wanted to find a good dupe!:)x

    1. aha, hope it doesn't disappoint!


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