Monday, 31 March 2014

Life | Northern Delights, March 2014

To prevent a mass of photo posts appearing, I decided to make March's installment a holiday special.
- I'll merge miscellaneous March, with April, to form a joint 'Snippets & Snapshots' next month.

As regular readers may have guessed, mid March, I went on vacay for a week!
Here follows the lo down of daily activities - ft. captions and photos;  starring my mum (mother, daughter, why not? trip) + my cousin and his gorgeous family.
Hope the smiles are infectious.

Stage 1, Friday, Home - Birmingham

On the way up, we stopped at Birmingham for mum to schmooze with friends - 'Premier Inn' pitstop if you will. Glammest makeup setup I've ever seen #mummyiwantone

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Outfit | 'Turquatic'

First in my 'Outfit's, featuring items I bought in my March trip to Manchester.

Saturday 29th March 2014
A way of adding some colour to my monochrome-drobe.

A flattering checked shirt is always welcome to the fold, but what stood out to me with this one, was the colour. The fact that it was 'Hollister', did little to sway me. £4 from a 'Scope' charity shop; quick try on, a check to see that it was 100% cotton, and I was a shirt richer.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Buys | 'Northern Delights', March 2014

It is probably no shock to any of you, but whilst I was away, I spent some money. 
Shopping was bloody successful, and I walked away with many a bargain. I saved up, had a budget, yet still came back with provisions for next time! Good job, as that may be sooner than first expected :D

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Beauty/Wardrobe/Face | 'Northern Baggage', March 2014

Suddenly, it was the end of our week away, and not only did I not want it to end, but I realised I had completely failed in my endeavor to blog the week away. I could blame it on my lack of time, internet, or sleep, but the truth of the matter is - I was having too much of a damn good time to make it a priority. I'm sure fellow bloggers will understand, but you need to make a conscious effort to blog, whether it be extra time for taking photos, or coming up with an idea you are happy with!
Blog plan out the window, cue 2 posts.

As my last 'packing' post (re winter sun week away October2013) proved popular, I decided that was a good place to start.
Northerned the theme up a little
- more makeup/accessories, + no place for camis & flipflops up north this time of year! 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Nails | Snap, Crackle & Pop. (ft. Review & Giveaway)

So having just returned for my northern adventure where I was a week with 98% no internet, it's fair to say I had a little blog-spiration -
Introducing, my first 'Nails' post.
Technically, it could fit under the beauty category; but nails is a old love, that I personally think take a starring role in any beauty lovers routine, and are worthy of their own spot.

This is a find from my first visit to Poundland, which you may have seen in my most recent 'thrift finds'. Although the 'crackle' craze has come and gone, I had yet to have a go myself. & at £1 for a 'China Glaze' polish, what was the harm in trying it? 
- May also sneak in a giveaway for good measure.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Buys | 'Cheshire Oaks CCO'

My bank balance was hit like a tonne of bricks, at ‘Cheshire Oaks Retail Park’.  It had been anticipated, and looking now at the beauty that is before me; I feel no pain.
Could I be anymore dramatic? Well, I am just someone who went from owning 5 highend makeup items to 10 in one day.
Which is not headline hitting news, but I do feel like I could do with a cuppa, even though I’m not a drinker of tea.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Face & Outfit | 'Inspired by Mum', House of Fraser Competition

When I was prompted to a competition 'House of Fraser' were holding, honouring blogger mum's everywhere, I wanted in. 
My mum is my rock, and deserves more praise than I ever give her; aswell as being fun to do, there's a chance to win a whopping £100 giftcard!

All you have to do is create a look for your blog, in photo form, along the theme of 'Inspired by Mum'. The look could be something as simple as incorporating a piece of her clothing, or stretch to recreating an old photo of hers. Beauty or Full Outfit; course I did both. The fun bit, pick an item from the House of Fraser website that would complete your outfit; a clothing, accessory or beauty item. When complete, simply comment a link to your entry, on their competition post - home of all this information and more. 
Competition closes 2nd April at midnight, leaving you bags of time to share some mother's day love :) good luck!

Now to my entry

Cue family brainstorm, the subject? ma mum.
Top 3 conclusions - Blue. Sunflowers. Scarves. 
If she could have a blue, sunflower, emblazoned on a scarf, that women would be in heaven. 'more shabby than chic is my style', Mum's own words; well you pull it off so well. 
Sadly there are no sunflowers in my wardrobe, and scarves aren't so much my thing - so blue it is.
I chose the route of piece 'Inspiration',  aswell as incorporating her signature tastes. 

The star of the show
This Opal ring was handed down from my Mum's mum to her, and is more precious than any other piece for that very reason. Plus it's blooming gorgeous.
This allows me flexibility with colour spectrum, and instantly stuns in any outfit.
Past wears include my prom, family weddings and leavers parties - so blog, think yourself lucky.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Thrift Finds | #4, March 2014

#4: Should have been on a spending ban, March.
Premature thrift finds, as I have an inkling another exciting haul will follow later on in the month, and I want to keep my post topic's mixed.

1st Stop, Accessories

> My 'First Thrift Shoe Find', mid Blog

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Dupe? | Stila 'Kitten' Eyeshadow

Dupe is a questionable word in the beauty world, but I am always after the next best thing, for the next best price. Although no 2 products can be exactly the same, I think it is worth mentioning similarities between them, and sharing your discoveries!
Here I bring you my 'dupes', aswell as my personal thoughts on known dupes.

#1: Stila's 'Kitten' V MUA 'Shade 1, Pearl'
Stila's 'Kitten' is coveted, beautiful, but expensive 
MUA Eyeshadow, 'shade 1 Pearl', a hidden gem?

Monday, 10 March 2014

Wardrobe | 'Cocoon in your cardigan'

I have more than my fair share of moments when I want to curl up in something warm and snuggly, but what to do when duvet is neither near nor socially acceptable?
Cover up with a Cocoon cardigan.
Both comfy and flattering, I am the lucky owner of three.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Life | 'Specs Appeal'

Last month, I was confronted with my own mortality. Okay, bit dramatic.
Deteriorating eyesight has definitely hit me with the realisation that I am now, officially a grownup.
Here follows the story of 'my molly'
 (may also have sneaked in a 'stupid specs selfies' montage)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Face | 'Pretty in Pink'

March means Spring.
So exicte, I whipped out some colour at the first oppurtunity.
Whenever I think of pink, I think pretty; here I incorporate pinks in my eye, cheek, and lip makeup.
Why be subtle?

Option 1
Blusher on my Eyes & Cheeks?
- Makeup, like women, are great multi-taskers.

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