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Wardrobe Review | 'Jamie Jeans'

Topshop have many a jeans on offer, and although I haven't tried many of their styles, I am lucky enough to have found my match. As of Valentine's day 2014 anyway. 
The 'Jamie' Jean.
Topshop quote: 'For those of you serious about skinny jeans ... A VIP Favourite'
For one, I am most definitely serious on skinny jeans. I also read that if a trend lasts more than 7 seasons, then they are a wardrobe staple and here to stay. THANK GOD. I also find them the most flattering style, feel free to disagree; but with the combination of being quite short, having non-existent hips, and my thighs living large, it is hard to find jeans that fit. #thestruggle. I tend to also steer towards highrise/high waisted, and these fall right in-between. I do have to do a bit of a jean/body shuffle to get into these, but when on it's worth it, as they fit snuggly, but not uncomfortably. Slightly thicker than your average skinny, they smooth over any lumps and bumps, and keep your pins a bit warmer. The back pockets are subtly slanted to give the illusion of a more peachy bum; don't mind if I do. I've never had any problems with zips, or bobbling due to wear & washing. They keep a pretty regular influx of new pieces, and often bring back old favourites. But, why does every shop now put the seem in the inner side? That, I would change. Ankle grazer fit, tricks the eye into thinking your legs are longer; unless they are a little long, like on me, then you have yourself some built-in socks.

I have three pairs, very lucky me.
I wear size W28, L30 (waist, length - both in inches)

From L-R.
 Here are some points on each one separately.

In both the coloured pairs,
the pocket linings are visible?
< My least worn but most gorgeous pair; nicknamed by the Smiths 'the flamingo', these peachy-pink-acid-wash are pretty unique. Unfortunately, they fit the least well. The oldest pair, and probably a different material mix; I am pleased to say that the quality of the denim has improved with more recent releases. Do beware on underwear choice, as colours can show through. At L32, they are a roll up job, and I can't not wear with a belt. It is bizarre how even jeans within the same range can fit so differently? Henceforth, I would always recommend trying them on. Besides these flaws, I love them. A great summer jean, spec gorgeous with a tan - where they almost look neon; or with cream anytime of year, to add some pastel to your life.
> Fit me the best, bold cobalt blue colour, found in a charity shop! More stretch in them than the coral pair, so hug in all the right places. I struggle to find anything bad to say about them! I love the colour, the fit, how they wear/wash, great way to add in some colour to my monochrome closet, without being too bright. Any suggestions how to style would be appreciated; I mainly lean to cream up top, and my denim jacket as a finishing touch.

(Why is there no down arrow?)
My favourite, the denim wash. The softest and newest - in terms of recent releases. With a slight distressed/acid wash vibe, but without looking too casual; I can dress these up or down. They fit my legs perfectly, both in length and width; I do find myself hitching them up every 5 if I don't wear a belt though. Ft. a few times in my blog, and A LOT in my everyday wardrobe, these are my top pick. I really fancy a plain vintage denim from the line, to add to my collection, but at the moment they don't seem to have a pair that fits that bill. A need rather than a want - wait, that's the wrong way round. >

If I were to invest in another pair, I would consider trying on a smaller size purely for the waist; that is the great thing about Topshop, they have so many different variations in measurements, even within sizes.
At £40, they are not cheap, but I believe that the quality - and fit, if you manage to find yours - are worth the splurge once in a while. Also, don't forget to scour the charity shops, or snoop on eBay for a bargain. They have many shades on offer, and often come out with new designs and colours, but I would recommend the trusty dark/black/denim wash. Style changes will never make these redundant; a comfortable, confidence-boosting, effortless pair of jeans is an every women wardrobe staple. They flatter everything; AmBlog's 'LBD of the Jeans world'. Even if they don't jump out at you straight away, there's no harm in trying them on?
Although, if your taste is anything like mine, I think you just may have found the one.

Weekend reviews will be followed by Face & Outfits this coming week, showcasing each pair in turn.

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  1. These look fab & sound great for my figure!

    Lovely post! New follower :)

    Kelly x

    1. Flatters everything - The LBD of the Jeans world. Actually I may add that phrase to the post!
      Ahh that means a lot a lot.


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