Sunday, 23 February 2014

Thrift Finds | #3, February 2014

#3: February, the Fruitful Thrift Month
- try saying that with a mouthful.

Warning, I found A LOT of good stuff, well atleast I think so, so it'll probably be a tea and toast post. I've also loved that song this month.
Anyway, back to the goods.
Sneak peak
(Hint - top heavy)
I went charity shop searching once, bought a couple a things from eBay, and found a few bargains out there in the highstreet shops.

1st, eBay.
Both originally TOPSHOP

> I had been after this cardigan ever since it came out in stores. The eye-watering pricetag of £60 put me right off. I think it came out a year or so back, and gradually it's getting cheaper and cheaper on eBay. I have it on a saved search, but made sure to wait it out till 'Winter' was over, as I know it would be much cheaper. I doubt a cream Aran style kit will ever go out of style; and for something I'll wear year round, I don't care when I buy it! £5. 1/12 of the original price. Yep. Buy of the year. The postage was a little steep at £7, but it had recorded delivery so that meant there was no chance of me loosing ma money. When opened, it was pretty pristine; bar a bitta bobbling. Hallelujah, it's finally mine.

A friend pointed out to me the skill it takes with eBay, there are both days and times of the day, where it is great for you for a bid to be ending. He always makes his major purchases on NYE, as no-one is in! It really does make a difference; something sold on a Saturday, is bound to be more expensive than on a Tuesday afternoon, purely as there are fewer people scouring the virtual isles. Even if it's the same product; neat huh.
The second cardigan was an impulse bid, at £3.99 including postage, I thought it was worth a punt. I have been after a coloured cardigan, and I love me some burgundy, as well as the drapey/cocoon style. No other bids, so this beauty came home to me. You may have seen it in my favourite of my Face & Outfits last week. >

Excuse the slippers

Strays in the supermarket ^ Both in shots
> Cream Cami, a repurchase, at a fraction of the price. £2, great staple.
> Is it Orange, is it red? Is it gorgeous; yes. £5, been wearing it with the Aran cardigan in hope of the sun coming out, but alas, to no avail. Accumulating quite the Cami collection.
Tesco, you did not disappoint.

A charity shop trip
Not bought, but worth a mention - a pair of Leather shorts, gorgeous, but too big. Both a happy and sad moment. Shorts, in February? Why not by out of season, it's cheaper. This illusion floral pair could easily be mistaken for a skirt. They're both flattering, and have colours that compliment my skintone. At £2.99, there was no hesitation. >

I must confess to being a lover of tourist shirts ^. I'm not a collector or anything, but If I go somewhere, and like the logo/slogan on they're shirt, it would be my chosen souvenir. I think it's unlikely I'll make it to NY any time soon, but now I have a little NY coming back with me.

< Superdry is my favourite causal brand. Although the price is high, the quality is there; unlike with similar brands such as Hollister/Abercrombie/Gilly Hicks etc. In my opinion. This is my 3rd Superdry checked shirt, and by far the cheapest. At £12, it was a hefty amount considering charity shop prices, but an absolute steal considering how much it would be originally.

Bits here and there.
2 Necklaces.
> The first, one I'd loved the look of in barbarapbabe's video. I decided that next time I went shopping, I would buy it. That was the 10th, and I was sad to see it was not in the jewellery stand of my closest H&M. On a whim, I tried the sales area. Right at the back, probably hidden by someone looking to come back, was the necklace. I LOVE layering necklaces, and this has it all in one. At £6, it was only 95p off, but I think the original price was a great deal anyway. I love the ball and link chain, all 3 charms, and I think they really balance each other out. I will have to be a little careful with it, make sure to put perfume behind my ears on the days I wear it so that it doesn't rust, but I'm smitten.
> 2nd, was from the same day, but as a present. I spied this for £2, in a Dorothy Perkins concession, part of there silver plated line - look here for more info on it.

> A Bra, for £8.99 from TKMAXX, is genuinely the comfiest one I have ever worn; you don't know what you're missing till you find it. Thought it was a little TMI to input a picture, but it is from 'Mariemeili', and I couldn't recommend it anymore. Boob Jail's now a thing of the past.

Finally, 2 Lipglosses
No. 150  shade 'Peach Petal', No. 180 shade 'Pink Pop'

< I've mentioned 'The Factory Shop' before, a discount/discontinued stock warehouse, that I have a nose in every once in a while. Well, I was lucky, 2 Revlon glosses at £2 eachOne Nude, One Pink. I already have one from the 'Super lustrous' range, and was pretty satisfied, so I thought it was a good addition to my ever growing makeup collection.

I thought this series would inspire you to indulge in the idea of thrifty retail therapy. Although you're unlikely to find the same pieces as me, it may prompt you to search the back of your wardrobe, and either donate or use again yourself. Or go searching for your own bargains, I would love to hear about them!

Most money spent, but best bargains found;
who needs Valentines gifts


  1. What bargains! Great eBay finds, those cardigans are adorable :)

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    1. Been switching between them for the past few weeks!
      thankyou, course :)

  2. I love the two cardigans you bought, such good deals! I've been looking for that same grandpa style cardigan forever, but I'm also waiting for prices to go down. Oh I just did a Forever21 haul if you want to check it out!
    ~Makaela at

    1. me too! great minds think alike :)
      sure thang