Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Thoughts | 'Somewhere It's Summer'

The UK in general, seems to be in the midst of a Winter strop/tantrum; sometimes the sun is in full bloom, but most of the time there is rain. Lots and lots of rain. Luckily, we have escaped the floods, but my thoughts go out to anyone struggling. Naturally, you start to dream of better things to come; namely, Summer!
I would usually say I was a Spring (pastel lover, spring birthday) & Autumn (Knit Jumper mania, dark lipstick) flower, but summer is where most of the magic happens. 

DIY Smith-household
Nearly 5 years ago, our house was completely refurbished, for which we count ourselves very fortunate. Safe to say, decor took a bit of a step back, something me and mum are aiming to change. Spring clean has already set wheels in motion, and websites scours for inspiration, are making me excited to get going! You may have seen in my blogging photos, there are still a lot of neutral/cream surroundings. Walls shall be painted from a sea of 56th shade of white; photos will be framed then hung, furniture rearranged, 'stuff room' decluttered. By this time next year, we will no longer have a great house but a beautiful Smith home. Well atleast, in that direction.

English loving this year
/ home bird summer.
Up North
March, not strictly Summer, but similair excitement; I'm off for a week in Manchester! Mainly to meet my new baby cousin and his gorgeous family, but also visit some of my friends at their respective unis, and tour a few myself. Believe it or not, I am still yet to have looked around one! There are sure to be life posts upcoming on this trip.

P is for Passed
I actually started learning briefly after my 17th birthday, but still have yet to have my 10th lesson (i.e parking). I wasn't going to go and drive something that could do damage, when I don't feel well enough to. I hope to have my theory done and dusted in good time, the practical hopefully by the end of this year. Local housing estates watch out on the road.

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, I have yet to take any A-Level exams. Maybe this summer will be the switch, and on the last Thursday of August, that brown envelope will come out triumphant. 4 months to learn ALevel Maths, and my final Geography - If I am well enough, this is do-able. But at the same time, I am not being unrealistic. My sympathy's to anyone in the education struggle atm. Let's hope lady luck is on our side.

Party in Poole
1 week on the South bank of England. Big group of us going - to be decided, should be a blast. Pray for sun.

Volunteer at Charity Shop. Both give something back, and add to my naked CV. May end up being negative on my funds, but positive on the thrift finds? What a justification.
Donate/Clear out, following theme of sorting the house. Through Boot Sale. Too cold in the winter, but great way to slog some of our unwanted bits, and make a little money. Become an eBay seller, for similair reasons, for my more promising sells. Cue £0 insertion fees.
Swimming. Sun comes out and the swimming pool beckons, for both fitness and exam distraction.
Get better. If that was something you could plan, this world would be a much better place. Just have to see how it goes; I won't down play my illness, but try to refrain from dwelling.
Be Blog strong. AmBlog has been my best decision of last year, don't want to let it slide.

Due to my health, I'm limited to what I can do, but still lots of  to look forward to.
 Nothing extra ordinary, but, 'love life within it's simple pleasures'; couldn't have said it better myself mum.

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