Thursday, 6 February 2014

Texture/Pattern | 'FUR real?'

No, not really. Do-not-fret. 
FAUX fur.

 Originally made famous by the likes of Cruella de Vil, 'Fur' has made a name for itself in fashion as a reoccurring trend. Definitely a 'Marmite' one, and I fully stand on the side of 'less is more', concerning fur.

Cruella cameo appearance, a long lost relative?

Here follows my
Faux Fur Fixtures
Head band, that my brother affectionately calls 'a hat with a hole' is my most worn fur piece. Featuring on the blog a few times before, it has kept my noggin snug all winter long, without blowing off in the wind like many a hat. With all the rain around, it has dried quickly, and washed well. Hat hair is inevitable, but more manageable than others. I wish I'de gone for a darker colour, to contrast against my lighter hair, but I'm still not complaining. At £10 from a local craft fair, I was happy that I was supporting independent retailers, and keeping my ears warm in the process. See here in action. My Aunty actually mistook it for an animal on our sofa once. True story - In her defence, we do have Guniea Pigs.

Uggs. People either love to hate them, or hate to love them. I am incredibly grateful to have been gifted them! I'm allergic to wool, so we went for the acrylic lining, hence including it in faux fur. Insanely comfy, they almost mold to your feet. Not very flexy, but a first choice on those bitter frosty mornings. I sprayed aqua seal on mine, which I would recommend, I darn't risk them in the rain though. I only wish to have chosen the 'Chestnut' shade, as they would be much more versatile and less obvious with wear/scarring; all that means though, is I have to be a bit more careful. In conclusion, they are as close to slipper/shoe colab you can get, and that's a winner in my book.

& then there were 3.

Faux Leather Jacket w Fur Collar, this is a tad cheeky, but it's a
Unplanned hair style swap
 A BOB? thoughts?
prime example of how I wear my fur; in accents. Shoes, hat, collar etc. From Dorothy Perkins, at a reasonable price, this jacket was an 18th birthday present. I intend to write a post entirely on it, so I won't divulge too much. But, if you are looking for something similar(I.e a faux leather moto jacket), this one is worth a look. and a buy. and hundreds of wears. in my opinion :). The collar is removable, which is an added bonus, just in case my taste changes.

Full on Faux Fur coat was a gift from a relative, that she had spied in a charity shop - originally 'New Look'. A Statement. Not sure about it.
Original design is cropped, as although it is only short on me, this is a bigger size than I wear usually. I'm also pretty sure that one arm is longer than the other? The colour tone is odd, half cool tone, half warm, kind of beigey-greeny-grey, hence me finding it awkward to wear. It definitely keeps in the warmth, but I don't feel comfortable wearing it. I'll continue to play around, but if not, I'll pass it onto someone who will appreciate it more than me. Anyway, it's the thought that counts.

< & lastly. Before Christmas, I was Considering a fur trim cape. Decided to hold off until the sales, but completely forgot! Fear not, I have been eyeing up mum's fur trim cardi, seen up top^. Originally 'Wallis', with 30% discount! Soft, flattering, fur does take a little getting used too (tad tickly, accidental mouthful of it etc), and in my colour of choice - black. She is happy to share, and as it's a once in a blue moon thing, I don't feel the need to invest in my own. It is a less subtle way to unleash my inner DIVA. One thing though, the button broke. Fixable, but a bit naff since it's fairly new. See here when I wore it Christmas Eve.

I think there is a fine line between glam and cheap with fur, I just hope I do it justice.

Take one decided to spontaneously disappear back in late November, and no amount of searching my history was going to bring it back. I was pretty miffed, forgotten a lot of my material, so doubted I would rewrite it; hence a few photos had already featured in my blog, as I wanted to use them even so. 
Thanks to a me feeling blogging fever this past week, it is here to share today; my rusty take 2!

p.s Photos & drawings by Amber Smith.


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