Monday, 24 February 2014

Take Note | 'Boots bargain bucket'

aka. Thrift Finds | #3.1, February 2014
Stumbled upon a gold mine the other day in Boots
2 L'oreal lipsticks, 2 L'oreal Foundations, 1 '17' concealer.
Even though I've only just done my 'thrift finds' for this month, whilst in the queue for the till in Boots this past Saturday, I came across a box of goodies. 
All at £1 each.

With not a lot of time, I chose things I thought were worth a punt.
 Luckily, this happened to coincide with '3 for 2' on all beauty products - for which sales items are included. Found 3 for me, and 2 for mum - must be a sign. 
I originally went in for an eyeliner for mum, making it a round tally of 6. 
Without all the offers, this haul would have cost me upwards of £40.
With all the deals, these 5 products amounted to a teeny £3
That's practically giving makeup away!

I asked the shop assistant how/why it was there, he said;
 'in any Boots, there would sometimes be a box, with bits and pieces inside that were discounted more than in their sale area'. I bet, purely because they hadn't been able to shift it -
if this isn't worth it's own blog post, I don't know what is.
I'm completely stoked with my find, and hoping to spread the joy; 
keep a look out!

I'm tempted to go back when I pick up my glasses, and have a nosey at the more colourful products on offer (lipglosses, nail polish, eyeshadow etc) that I didn't want to buy without a proper look last time; showed some restraint that I didn't just grab the whole box! Fingers crossed there are some left. 
Any extras will more than likely feature in my next thrift finds, and
I'm sure there will be Reviews to look out for in the future.

- Some people may be uncertain about buying discounted makeup, all I would suggest is taking your time in checking the items for; breakage, dents, whether they've been opened, whether they are still on sale in the shop etc. I have never cared about 'expiration date', but you may want to check that too.


  1. OMG! Thank you so much for sharing this, I think I saw one of these reduction boxes around Christmas time last year, but I thought it was just a one time thing. I am so going to boots now!

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  2. great post, going to have to look out for this in my locally boots! new follower! would mean a lot if you could check out my blog?


    1. hope ya get lucky
      definitely :)

  3. woah i'm definitely going to be searching for this now! Thanks!

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