Friday, 7 February 2014

Take Note | 'AmBlog-stagram' aka. 'Camera Flash'

(Insert date)
One of my resolutions for life in general, was to take more photos; the blog is a great incentive, as-well as my plan to patch-work my walls with memories.

This is a new segment, inspired by me finally finding a space for a full length mirror- a 'selfie' spot if you will, beloved by many bloggers out there. And Topshop's 'It's in the Jeans' competition. I'm trying to incorporate smaller quick posts into my schedule of essay jobs that I know aren't to everyone's taste. Unfortunately I just get into it, too much typing-flowing, for which I halfheartedly apologise. Anyways, back to the concept.

'Canon PowerShot A2200''s SELFIE
 In the format of a photo or 2, with a small(-ish, no promises) paragraph; a post starring any impromptu life/makeup/outfits. For anything, I hadn't planned to include here on a larger AmBlog post, look no further than 'Camera flash'. Like Instagram, for my Blog? For instance, if I buy something new, or an unexpected life experience goes on that I can't wait to share, on this series it will be.
eg. my new baby cousin being born! 

I like segments, they keep me aiming towards something, and allow me to balance my post topics for all you lovely AmBlog readers.
For anyone not interested in keeping up with these,
 I'm sure some will feature in corresponding monthly 'Snippets & Snapshots' posts.

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