Thursday, 13 February 2014

Current Loves | 'Pretty Little Pendants'

Although I dabble, I'm a silver girl at heart; but unlike with a magpie, it's more often dainty/simple pieces that catch my eye. 
Trying to venture out of my daily jewellery rutt, I made a point to bring out some of my less used jewellery, and get rid of what I didn't use. I have amassed quite a collection of silver chains throughout my life, from christening gifts, to wedding charms; now, I make sure to switch the pedants out frequently, that way I get many necklaces in one. 

All these items were gifts and I love them all just as much.
From the neck downwards:
Feather chain, £2, from Dorothy Perkins; steal, as it's silver plated! Cheat choice, as mum bought it for me last week. As I've got older I have come to appreciate the advantage of quality over quantity, and silver out lives any chunk of Topshop jewellery. This one is gorgeous, dainty, and short, which allows more scope to what necklaces I layer it with. I wouldn't necessarily where these particular ones all at once, but I do love a bit of tiered neckcandy. 
Dog Charm, was a Christmas gift. Every year, I receive a silver charm from my step grandmother, and that year was no exception. It's beautiful, but a little big for my precious charm bracelet, so I used my initiative and doubled it up as a pendant. More than likely wear it alone. 
There are no words, I am crazy dog lady and proud. 

Cubic Zaconia, cut charm; my surprise Bridesmaid gift, I'm a sucker for sentimentality. This I already wore alot, but I switched it up with the addition of a ring. This ring no longer fitted me; not wanting to see it go to waste, I had a eureka moment. Not that I'm a Lord of the rings fan, I've read neither the book nor seen the film, but I really liked their idea of a chain and a ring. Simple, but gorgeous; and a little more original, as it's unlikely anyone's would look the same.    

Favourite jewellery selection upcoming 


  1. The feather chain is beautiful! Dorothy Perkins often have a few things which are ridiculously low priced in the sale :)

    Dainty delicate jewellery is so pretty xx

    1. Sneak in after January and you really can get lucky, pretty chuffed with the find :)
      Second that