Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Buys | 'Goodies going up North'

For anyone who didn't find out through my recent 'Snippets & Snapshots', I have a new baby cousin, born 6/01/2014 'Joseph Rupert Cornford'.
Cue aawwwwhrawrh-ing
With his big sister Rose.
Naturally we were pleased as punch, and couldn't wait to start spoiling him; maybe a little something for mum, dad and big sister too.
Here follows a few of the knickknacks going up north.
Although I've always known her as bubbba Rose, now with jewllery and ringlets, my. heart. melts. A little something in there for you :). Along with some baths bits and chocolates for Suzi to enjoy on those well deserved slots of 'Me time'. Rupert, I suppose you can share the chocolates too, but I'm sure that you already feel like the luckiest one of them all. 
SOOOOOOOO excited to see you all sooon-as.
My favourite find, is this 101 dalmations fleece ready for him to wear now. Bought a while ago, we weren't even looking for anything. It was just fate. They have a cat, but being the mad dog people we are, we try to install in them early on that dogs are the way forward. I'm sure you would all agree. Being that they chose to not find out the gender, this was great as it fitted the unisex bill. And it's flipping gorgeous. If only they did adult sizes. Can't wait to get me a photo of him in situ! My phone wallpaper is itching for some sweeteness to take over from the current embarrassment.
I cheated a little, by adding in a present we'll be taking when we next see them. The baby grow (101% cute)  is in a bigger size, but still 'Dalmatian' themed; perfect to keep up the puppy love. 


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    1. Where's that like button when you need it :)
      I whole heartedly agree!

  2. Congrats on the new baby cousin! I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my best friend's new baby, and I've been obsessed with buying the cutest baby clothes lately!! xx

  3. Thankyou! ahhhh exciting, everything in miniature is ten times better :)
    Well wishes for her and her baby!

  4. Awww he's absolutely gorgeous!!! I sooooo wish they had a dalmatian fleece for adults, it's soooo cute xx

    Gemmma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I know I'm biased, but how much I agree :)
      I looked and looked but too know avail. Hoping for a dalmatian onesie to satisfy my craving instead
      Shops, step up