Sunday, 9 February 2014

Beauty Review | 'Bourjois 3D Effect Lipglosses'

Since I've been a little lax on the review front, I decided to bombard you with 2 this weekend. You may have noticed that a lipgloss popped up in my most recent Beauty Post, since I have a few colours, I thought it a great choice to give a dressing down. 

Here follows a review of the
Bourjois 'Effect 3D' Lipglosses

Found in both Boots and Superdrug (here in the UK), they retail from around £6.99; with claims of '8 hour hydration and shine in one', one would expect good things.

I own shades:
No.3, name rubbed off
No.53, 'Corail artistic'
No.06, 'Rouge demoncratic'
One Nude, One Peach, One Red. 

- Milky sheer nude/pink, with small specks of sparkle
- Creamy orange, that turns peach on my lips
Unimpressed with first application;
as soon I pressed my lips, it took on the form of a lipliner.
- Pink-Red, with shimmer that is practically unnoticible on the lips
Just to say, that dot is not dirt, I have a mole in the centre of my bottom lip; one of my individualities. Also makes a good indicator to how full colour lip products are, nifty eh!

Key points

General thoughts
They are smooth & non sticky.
I think the colour pay off - particually with the red, wasn't bad. 
The shade selection is massive, particularly if you include past shades avaliable on ebay/amazon etc online; they are forever adding new ones, but keeping old favourites.
Definite yes for the 'Effect 3D' my lips look glossy and full.  
They wear off nicely, and seemed to withstand drinking and eating well.
5.7ml is a decent amount; will last me a long time.
No Parabens in the new formula (Peach & Red)
Nude is still in the same condition as the more recent buys - not gloopy, or tacky, just more empty.

Oily. I've just eaten chips, and need to lick my lips kind of oily. I find it hard to get past the texture! Yes it's non sticky, but I find this worse.
Yet, they seem to dry out your lips? Claims of 'hydrating and nourishing portective agents..real balm action' is a definite No No in my book. My lips actually peel. Gross.
Although I like the idea of a brush rather than a douffet, this one adds way to much product - even after brushing some off, and doesn't spread it out evenly.
Closing the lid, more often than not, leads to lipgloss spillage, oozing out and glossifying everything in it's path. >
Feathering - understandably more noticeable on the darker shade.
Transfer, is messy and gloopy; if you were to accidently rub your lips the wrong way, or get your hair stuck, we'd have a joker look on our hands.
4 hour wear at a push, that's nearly half the time promised on the tube.
Over priced - IMO.

Each gloss in turn.
Nude. I would more often wear the nude pink as a highlight gloss in the centre of my bottom lip; as a full lip colour it is too milky and sparkly for my current taste.

I find the Orange comes out alot more sheer than the tube would suggest - instead, it adds a Peach tint to my current lip colour. Still probably my favourite of the bunch.

As you can see from my expression, first impression wasn't good for the 'Red'. A very pink toned red, close call whether it is infact a red, but with a lot more pigment than the others. After getting the application right, it wears off well; the colour gradually becomes more subdued as time goes by, rather than wearing off in patches.
 Feathering was an issue.
I would say - this is a red lipgloss I am content with, and won't be rushing out to buy an alternative; but, I would also never buy it again, nor recommend it to you.

Looking at my points, these glosses are pretty even Stevens on the amount of pro's and cons; the one major drawback, the texture. For me, it is too uncomfortable, and therefore tips the scales to making this a negative review. No matter how pretty the colour, glossy the finish, and how full it makes my lips look; if you struggle to wear it, then those points are redundant. All in all, I am quite disappointed.
Do I think they are worth the £1 I managed to snag one for? Hell to the yes. But, do I think we have £7 worth of gloss here? Resounding NO.

All opinions are my own


  1. I love the coral colour! Thats such a shame about the texture though!

    1. Orange has a place in my heart, so I may just struggle though.
      Serious case of first world problems, but I don't want anyone wasting their money!