Tuesday, 11 February 2014

AmBlog-stagram | 'Double Wamme, Double Rainbow'

Monday 10th February
Double Rainbow
In the car home today, I spied something in the sky. At first, we suspected a trick of the light, but a couple of double takes later; I had to get my phone out. Rainbows are rare anyday of the week, but signs of a full ark & double is quite something special; you need perfect conditions, and to be in the right place at the right time.
The sight of a rainbow is poignant, a sign that weathering a storm brings beautiful things - Which could be taken literally, or metaphorically,
 to be used in other aspects of life.

Top left hand corner to the bottom right.
No filters were used in the making of these photos.
The right-side, and second rainbow weren't so noticeable, but it was still a magical sight.
Sorry bit of a philosophical/cheesy/sop/shut up Amber; hope you like the photos.
Nightmare angle, but I can't help being in a car; I did try to get each part of the arc, even though I couldn't catch a full shot. 
Where's that panoramic feature when you need it.

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