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Wardrobe | 5* of 2013

Top 5 of my, 5 star wardrobe items - 2013 edition.

Guess who
May have noticed a sneak peak in my 'happy new year montage'.
This segment will be split in 2, with the Beauty here, Wardrobe second; possibly followed by a resolutions slot a little later.

Do bare in mind that these products have had pride of place most of last year, extensive use, and I would HIGHLY recommend them all - but, that doesn't necessarily mean they compliment your tastes as they do mine. 
I intend to include key points, but this is not a review. I do plan to add more indetail reviews to my blog this coming year, where these may well feature.

Begin at the bottom

Clarks, Mid-calf Chelsea style boots - swede finish, £45.
When I was younger, a good quality comfy shoe was essential for school, now-days, a simple boot replaces that. Good quality, leather/faux leather boots are a staple to anyone's wardrobe; my colour palette stears more towards a black option, with minimal detail. I have worn these hundreds of times in the few years I've had them, and they are in as good a condition I could hope for. No uneven sole through tred wear, no holes or loose stitching, easy to wipe clean from mud etc and incredibly comfortable.
These are the shoes a reach for on an everyday basis

Primark's, Super High Waisted Jeans, Dark denim, £10
Truly high waisted jeans were on my wishlist for a long time, I've both bought and been gifted different types/brands/colours; which I will talk in more depth about soon. Wide colour selection, but these are my personal fav as darker shades flatter my legs. They fit equally well on my : height, waist, hips, thighs and calves which is near impossible to find! Thick Jegging like structure/fit with the opacity and feel of jeans. No bobbling or stretching out of shape in the wash, they fit as well as the first time I wore them; I am head over heels in love with them.

Various jewellers, pandora style silver bracelet, less than £20
My daily arm candy. Silver which is both my choice in colour and metal; wears well with care - no tarnishing. I love that I can customise, and change easily when I want to. I have a variety or both coloured and sweet icon beads to switch in and out, but more often than not, I prefer my current layout. Would definitely recommend a stopper bead, this prevents the others falling off each time you take it on and off. Both hardy and beautiful in a simplistic way; since being given it myself, I have gifted a couple to friends/family.

Miss Selfridge, Grey cocoon cardigan, £22
Bought at the beginning of last year, my cocoon cardigan has been a regular for both layering in winter/autumn, and as outerwear in spring/summer. Soft to touch, very fine, no static! Slouchy, long enough to wear with leggings, and neutral to go with many colour combinations.

Zara, fine cream knit, unknown price
Super soft, loose fine knit from Zara with elasticated cuffs and hem. I wear a medium, backwards, as I find the neckline too low; but you would never know? Wash, dry and last well. Colour and texture suit my taste; many similair out there to choose from or eye up on eBay.  

Can you sense my love for fine knits, 2 out of my top 5!  
No.6 would be my neon orange cami from topshop. The colour pulls at my heart strings, and it fits so well, but was pipped to the post because it is less versatile; and  I can't allow myself to cheat and add another. 

It was so hard to decide on these 5!- Especially since seasons/styles/prefernces change more often than in my makeup world.
All my choices are neutral, staples, pieces I would run out and repurchase if I ever lost. Regularly appearing in my weekly wardrobe, throughout the year.

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