Saturday, 25 January 2014

Thoughts | 'New Year, same M.E'

Bit more of a personal post, will try to keep it short and sweet.

I've struggled with my health for a few years now, something/a topic I have shied away from sharing on my blog so far.
 M.E. is an illness that divides opinion, and it's upto you on your personal thoughts/whether you agree, but it is most definitely a big part of my life (at the moment anyway, touch wood).

 Throughout my childhood, there weren't major health scares, but maybe the more often appearance of a cold, or the lingering effects of a stomach bug. It came to a head in September 2010, and I was consequently diagnosed with immune dis-regulation & M.E. It effects people differently, isn't outwardly obvious, and to anyone who doesn't experience it, everything can seem fine. Seem being the operative word. 

I like to detach myself from it, and even now, I struggle to explain to close family and friends how it is. As much as I don't mean to, I have a tendency to pretend everything is okay. It isn't. Without exaggeration, at least 90% of my life is being effected. It was a bomb to my further education: my relationships with my friends and family, work life, my general well being, have all taken a toll. I'm not here to complain; I've just learnt that to ignore it, makes it worse. So here I am, acknowledging it, for all the internet and it's mother to read if they please. Please know that I am not searching for sympathy, I just felt it was time to update you all on my life, with full honesty. My life is far from doom and gloom, I am very fortunate with both help, support and distractions, but do understand that things may not be as they seem on the surface with me/my blog. 

I fully appreciate that there are bigger, worse & more important problems out there all over the world. This was not a self-deprecating or self-help post, merely an update on the life of AmBlog, as my url so conveniently says/points out.

Love to Everyone,
 Particularly any struggling with bearing burdens of their own.

I took my time on this post to try and be as sensitive as possible, and as not to offend or annoy anyone. 
Truely sorry if I failed.
p.s. I may end up doing a more indepth post, in the future, on: what, how, symptoms, help etc.


  1. nice post :) I would wear this for the valentine`s day :) your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. great post! thanks for sharing, cause i know how hard it can be to share personal info with the public. and i really like your blog and followed you on GFC! i'm new to blogging and would love if you could check out my blog if you have time and let me know what you think and maybe even follow back if you like!

    thanks so much! xoxo Randa

    1. Thankyou, without sounding too dramatic, I just felt like it was time to write it, & it kind of wrote itself.
      Ofcourse I will! Me too, loving it. Good luck with all your blogging endeavours:) xx

  3. Really well put Amber and you're right, you can't go through life pretending everything is ok when it's not. It took me over 10yrs to get to where you are now and I'm really proud of you. Sounds daft but stand strong in your diagnosis. You ARE suffering, although I hate that word it's the truth. And because it doesn't look that way we need to use our words and explain, as you've done so brilliantly.


    1. I really do not know what to say!
      Start with Thankyou, for your ever caring kind and loving words.
      You are an inspiration, and I hope for nothing but health and happiness in your future.
      But for now, atleast we have chinese food :) see you in 10 xxx


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