Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thoughts | 'I wish you could wear slippers inside your shoes'

Impromptu quick post!

With it being full on winter in the UK now, and layers becoming an everyday essential, my feet are the ones suffering. Although we've been experiencing more rain than anything else, feet shouldn't be forgotten. If it were up to me, slippers would acceptable all day err day; but with regret, they are not. On a winter stroll with my dad the other day, I came to the conclusion that there must be a way to wear both shoes and slippers.

My solution

is nothing original

- They fit well under boots, soft, snug, with grips on the bottom so even without shoes there is no slipping. Neutral colour, easy to wash, inexpensive etc.

Personal preference how many socks you layer are underneath

Prime piece of mum advice is putting your clothes into a minute spin of the tumble dryer, or hanging atop radiators before you go out in them, even if they're dry. I Will be using these tips tomorrow on my trip to London; unfortunately I can't control the weather, but atleast I'll have some toasty toes.

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