Friday, 31 January 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | January 2014

A revamped 'Little Life Update' for the new year.
Featuring mainly photos, from the life of AmBlog.
Think of it as snippets from a journal, in photo montage form.
New Year is Here!
Christmas decs are now meerly shadows of the past.. poetic.
Suffering through the Christmas confectionery cleanup
- 'Is that a fruit bowl I spy?'

NYE M.E style

The cuteness I have to contend with
- 'Whoever wasn't a dog person before, now is' 
I have a new baby cousin! Joseph Cornford, born 6/1/2014
Congrats you are now Ru, Su, Ro and baby Jo!
Tree cutters sure have some skillz,
we can't be friends before 9 in the morning though.
Blogging attire
Hoody & Headphones, in bed.

Would not recommend getting your hand trapped in ikea furniture
Sibling Rivalry, guess who won?

So this happened. Please don't make me tell you how many
people this was bought for. Too ashamed to say.
'Chocolate twisted dough balls are God's gift; to wise men, who buy Domino's'

 I like to include a couple of my many 'Snapchats'
My App of the week, month, year, AMEN.

 From one of the too few times with my girls

The morning after the grammys is the day I truely fell inlove with beyonce, thanks to that dress. She looked Phenom. Pretty sure I would breach copyright by inputting a picture so I insist you Google it!

Weather here has generally been s**t, but here's some
proof that there is some beauty in the wintery English weather.
Repost from 'Unlucky for some' Face & Outfit Post
Favourite blog photo so far. 
Q 'How to high fashion? Slip whilst taking blogging photos'
Whittled down from a fair few more; I think 20 photos is pushing it already.

Do you like this format, or would you prefer a collage with smaller pictures, and fewer captions?
Please do let me know :)

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