Saturday, 18 January 2014

Outfit | 'Netball Spectator ft. England Flag', January 17th 2014.

Yesturday, aka January 17th 2014, I was lucky enough to be a spectator to an evening of Netball at Wembley Arena, starring: England, New Zealand, Jamaica and a few cheeky celebs - more on that this coming week :). I was due to upload a 'Life' post today, of my antics; but with the videos taking their sweet time uploading, and my life being more awkward than expected, I switched the time table round.
Today, my Outfit.


An English Flag, Mascarading as a scarf.

Thankful that I took the satchel. Enough room for all I wanted to take, and protected everything from the rain.


Coat - Charity Shop & Altered by me
Hoody - Superdry
Knit Jumper - Charity Shop & Altered by me
Jeans - 'Jamie' style from Topshop
Shoes - Converse/Clarks Boots
Satchel - Primark
Rings & Bracelet - Various Independent Jewellers
Nails - Primark

Fairly simple outfit in my more casual style, aswell as being weatherproof and comfortable.
I was due to wear these converse, but the weather had a strop/tantrum, so I didn't.
 Weekend wishes.

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