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Life | 'Netball Tri Series ft. A League of their own', January 17th 2014

January 17th 2014
A newbie to Twitter, one of the first I chose to follow was James Corden, who you better all love. Through the likes of his appearance in Doctor Who, and being the co-writer and star of Gav & Stace, my love for him has grown and grown. A tweet caught my attention, that he and fellow presenters in his sport based game show 'A League Of Their Own', would be participating in a spoof celeb verses professional netball game, in London's Wembley Arena this past Friday. Netball is one of my favourite sports to play, but I hadn't considered going to watch before? As well as the International Netball tri-series, and James Corden starring, tickets were on BOGOFF. SOLD.

Me and my Dad were lucky enough to be in the audience for an England vs 'England A' practice game, 'A League Of Their Own' special & half of the NZ vs Jamaica draw match (as we couldn't stay for all of it). 

Here follows snippets and snapshots of Friday's event!

Typical touristy photos
Wembley Arena

England V 'England A'
Early on at England vs 'England A' (friendly)
Who to support?
Ended 58 to 36.
A healthy and a not so healthy courtside snack -
 would recommend both pomegranate seeds and crinkly chips.
The healthy option cancels out the unhealthy, right?

'A League Of Their Own' V England Superleague

Sorry, wasn't on the ball to catch 'Jack Whitehall' on the entrance;

but I did get him scoring!

Caught on camera without concentration.
Sorry for photo quality, blogging took a back burner.
L-R: Laura Whitmore, England Captain, Jamie Rednapp, James Corden between 3 Referees in white, Freddie Flintoff, Jack Whitehall, Micky Flanagan.

Managed to capture a wave from the star himself!
The Celebs vs Professional game was my highlight. Both teams were good sports; dresses were worn all round, rules were twisted, great TV was made and the celebs managed to blag a 5 to 4 win! 

New Zealand V Jamaica
Official warm-up
Time for the national anthems
Dad was impressed with their respect to each other despite their teams, as well as their no-nonsense attitude to injury and ref instruction. Footballers, step up.
 Was keeping my mind focused on the match, but I did manage to capture a successful shot from both sides.
Final Score NZ 52:46 Jamaica.

Half time male cheerleaders, don't mind if I do.

Flash has me glowing,
Happy Amber.

I had an awesome evening. An opportunity that may not be the biggest, but I will never get it again. Very grateful and well done to all the players who took part.

Not quite a star on the walk of fame
but a poster on my wall is more of an achievement/close enough!

Eurosport 2 game footage, or 'A League Of Their Own' challenge sometime in the next series on SKY; lemme know if you catch me on TV!


  1. thanks for the comment my dear
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    1. You're welcome :)
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