Sunday, 12 January 2014

Beauty | 'Wishlist with a Twist', 2014 Edition.

Wishlists are a great way to share your tastes, keep note of what you're really after and also a useful tool to keep any spending in check - save up for what I really want, and limit spending on what I don't need.

here follows
My Beauty Wishlist,
 as of January - 2014 edition
Grid of beauty gems I'm itching to get my hands on.
* All photos through google.

As Seen: 
Chanel 'Soleil Tan de Chanel, Bronze Universal'
Garnier '5 second blur'
High & Low lights for my hair
Real Techniques Limited Ddition 'Duo Fibre' Collection
Dior 'Amber Diamond' - I'll keep my eye out for a dupe
Mac Pro longwear
Barry M 'Matte Paint-'Vanilla''
Mac 'Paint Pot in 'Soft Ocre' or 'Painterly''
- which would you suggest for my skin tone?
Collection Lipstick 'Satin Bow'

Having loved my venture into mood boarding through the Debenhams winter style challenge, I came up with an idea 

As a cherry atop my good fortune, if I manage to score a line in this grid, no.10 on my list will be bought by me to giveaway!
- think of it as Noughts & Crosses, without Noughts, and me playing myself? 
If or when I get my hands on any of these products, I will cross them out; as shown with 'Dior Amber Diamond' - that I was pleased as punch to get for Christmas :). So, do keep a careful eye on updates to this post, so you can be poised for when the giveaway goes live.

Hint, No.10 is a product from the soul of the MACkeup mothership.

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