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Beauty | 5* of 2013

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Top 5 of my, 5 star beauty products - 2013 Edition.

Guess who

May have noticed a sneak peak in my 'happy new year montage'.
This segment will be split in 2, with the Beauty first, Wardrobe second; possibly followed by a resolutions slot a little later.

Do bare in mind that these products have had pride of place most of last year, extensive use, and I would HIGHLY recommend them all - but, that doesn't necessarily mean they compliment your tastes as they do mine. 
I intend to include key points, but this is not a review. I do plan to add more indetail reviews to my blog this coming year, where these may well feature.

In no particular order

Bare Minerals Original SPF Foundation, RRP £25
I use shade 'Fairly Light', the lightest-neutral shade on offer.
Although I rarely ever wear it on it's own, it always manages to make my face look like skin; just much more smooth, luminous and even. With minimal product, and my trusty RT buffing brush - I am impressed with the coverage and gorgeous sheen (non-greasy) appearance . On the daily, I would use buffed in as my base, with subsequent concealer and setting powder atop; in 'more makeup' situations, as a finishing touch, pressed over my t-zone to mimic satin skin and keep oil and bay. I find that it lasts well (although I do touch up my t-zone) suits my skin tone, and has a good impact on the state of my complexion too.
No highlighter was used in the making of this photo
NYX Powder Blush, 'Taupe', RRP £6
Sold as a blush? Soft to the touch, but with not too extensive pigmentation, makes it the perfect contour shade for me and my pale skin.
In the winter particularly, with a light hand, I also use it as a Bronzer alternative (w. real techniques contour brush ). Matte, with 4g of product, I bought for £8 on amazon; as it worked out cheaper inc shipping.

Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow, 'Coconut Shake No.16', RRP £4.50
Demi-matte, cream shade of the bunch. Without fail, I use this as my inner corner and browbone highlight; even if I'm not wearing any other eyeshadow - my eyes are instantly brightened and brow arch more defined, without it being obvious that I'm wearing anything there atall. For a more indepth review, click here.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil, 'Black Brown No.004', RRP £2.99
 The tone of the brown, combined with the waxy structure of the product means it lasts well, and dosen't seem unatural. I get a fuller looking, more even brow stucture, without it looking like I've 'drawn them on' or made them darker and more prominent than they already are.
Brows are a sore spot, but with this as my makeup saviour - slightly too dramatic, but this will forever be repurchased. Upcoming brown routine for tips on my technique.

Revlon Just bitten kissable balmstain, 'Crush 005', 
RRP £8
 Probably the first lip product I ever bought. Drawn in by the pull of vampy lips, I started more subdued. I love the berry tone, the semi glossy appearance. I find it smooth and SO pigmented on the lips. Hours later, it does loose the shine, but wears off beautifully; not bleeding into lines, or leaving you with meerly the lipliner effect.

Deliberately worn my 5* contenders since Boxing day, just to make sure I was positive on my picks.

Featuring my 5* products, on my Face.
- although not exclusively. Alongside concealer, mascara etc.

With and without flash

This is a post idea I had on the tip of my typing finger tips for a while now, but the Christmas posts took over and I have no regrets on that. Although a little late, I still fancied the idea of a top picks of 2013.
Originally I was trying to be clever and thought, top 13 of 2013, or pick a product for each part of the face - but I decided on narrowing it down to 5, as it really shows the creme of my makeup crop and didn't involve me picking something for the sake of it.


  1. I really want to try Rimmel cosmetics but its not available here. :( But I think that I'll buy the NYX powder blush... I might try it.

    1. I'm always envious of the brand selections in other countries, but then I forget that we are more fortunate than most in our selection too! If you ever get the chance to try things out, Rimmel stay matte powder, their lip products in general, and this eyebrow pencil are my stand outs. fingers crossed you like it :)

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