Friday, 31 January 2014

Snippets & Snapshots | January 2014

A revamped 'Little Life Update' for the new year.
Featuring mainly photos, from the life of AmBlog.
Think of it as snippets from a journal, in photo montage form.
New Year is Here!
Christmas decs are now meerly shadows of the past.. poetic.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Thrift Finds | #2, January 2014

#2: I seem to have missed the January Sales

Probably for the best, but I didn't actually end up going January sales shopping! These goodies were found either at the local charity shop, at the end of December, or as a stray away from staples shopping. Bad Amber. But all bargains - so no worries!

A standard denim shirt, originally Topshop. 100% cotton, a specification that was important to me. A staple hole in my wardrobe which is now filled. Scope, £3.99. May end up doing a post focusing on this entirely, as I've been loving it so much.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Thoughts | 'New Year, same M.E'

Bit more of a personal post, will try to keep it short and sweet.

I've struggled with my health for a few years now, something/a topic I have shied away from sharing on my blog so far.
 M.E. is an illness that divides opinion, and it's upto you on your personal thoughts/whether you agree, but it is most definitely a big part of my life (at the moment anyway, touch wood).

 Throughout my childhood, there weren't major health scares, but maybe the more often appearance of a cold, or the lingering effects of a stomach bug. It came to a head in September 2010, and I was consequently diagnosed with immune dis-regulation & M.E. It effects people differently, isn't outwardly obvious, and to anyone who doesn't experience it, everything can seem fine. Seem being the operative word. 

I like to detach myself from it, and even now, I struggle to explain to close family and friends how it is. As much as I don't mean to, I have a tendency to pretend everything is okay. It isn't. Without exaggeration, at least 90% of my life is being effected. It was a bomb to my further education: my relationships with my friends and family, work life, my general well being, have all taken a toll. I'm not here to complain; I've just learnt that to ignore it, makes it worse. So here I am, acknowledging it, for all the internet and it's mother to read if they please. Please know that I am not searching for sympathy, I just felt it was time to update you all on my life, with full honesty. My life is far from doom and gloom, I am very fortunate with both help, support and distractions, but do understand that things may not be as they seem on the surface with me/my blog. 

I fully appreciate that there are bigger, worse & more important problems out there all over the world. This was not a self-deprecating or self-help post, merely an update on the life of AmBlog, as my url so conveniently says/points out.

Love to Everyone,
 Particularly any struggling with bearing burdens of their own.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Life | 'Netball Tri Series ft. A League of their own', January 17th 2014

January 17th 2014
A newbie to Twitter, one of the first I chose to follow was James Corden, who you better all love. Through the likes of his appearance in Doctor Who, and being the co-writer and star of Gav & Stace, my love for him has grown and grown. A tweet caught my attention, that he and fellow presenters in his sport based game show 'A League Of Their Own', would be participating in a spoof celeb verses professional netball game, in London's Wembley Arena this past Friday. Netball is one of my favourite sports to play, but I hadn't considered going to watch before? As well as the International Netball tri-series, and James Corden starring, tickets were on BOGOFF. SOLD.

Me and my Dad were lucky enough to be in the audience for an England vs 'England A' practice game, 'A League Of Their Own' special & half of the NZ vs Jamaica draw match (as we couldn't stay for all of it). 

Here follows snippets and snapshots of Friday's event!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Face | 'Netball Spectator ft. No.7, 'So Simple' eye duo', January 17th 2014.

On Friday, aka January 17th 2014, I was lucky enough to be a spectator to an evening of Netball at Wembley Arena, starring: England, New Zealand, Jamaica and a few cheeky celebs - more on that this coming week :). I was due to upload a 'Life' post this weekend, of my antics; but with the videos taking their sweet time uploading, and my life being more awkward than expected, I switched the time table round.
Yesturday, was my Outfit;
today, my Makeup.

One day I'll go truely bold with the eyemakeup!
Alternative Lip - Bourjois 3D effect gloss

No.7 'So Simple', eye duo.
Why is my hair always so chaotic on my blog?

A few Key Points

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Outfit | 'Netball Spectator ft. England Flag', January 17th 2014.

Yesturday, aka January 17th 2014, I was lucky enough to be a spectator to an evening of Netball at Wembley Arena, starring: England, New Zealand, Jamaica and a few cheeky celebs - more on that this coming week :). I was due to upload a 'Life' post today, of my antics; but with the videos taking their sweet time uploading, and my life being more awkward than expected, I switched the time table round.
Today, my Outfit.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thoughts | 'I wish you could wear slippers inside your shoes'

Impromptu quick post!

With it being full on winter in the UK now, and layers becoming an everyday essential, my feet are the ones suffering. Although we've been experiencing more rain than anything else, feet shouldn't be forgotten. If it were up to me, slippers would acceptable all day err day; but with regret, they are not. On a winter stroll with my dad the other day, I came to the conclusion that there must be a way to wear both shoes and slippers.

My solution

is nothing original

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Face & Outfit | 'Unlucky for some', January 13th 2014

No, I am not superstitious; just thought a 'Face & Outfit' post was about due.
- Casual outing, with a little extra time for makeup.

Natural, all kinds of funky hair.
Soft smokey eye
Brown MUA shadow - Matte No.19; 
smudged on both lash lines, sheered through the crease
& in my brows. 
Shimmer cream brow bone highlight, very fine 
A little lipstick, and matching blush.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Beauty | 'Wishlist with a Twist', 2014 Edition.

Wishlists are a great way to share your tastes, keep note of what you're really after and also a useful tool to keep any spending in check - save up for what I really want, and limit spending on what I don't need.

here follows
My Beauty Wishlist,
 as of January - 2014 edition
Grid of beauty gems I'm itching to get my hands on.
* All photos through google.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Take Note | Debenhams 'Winter Style Challenge'

I wouldn't consider myself a fashion blogger, but I do love my shopping - and creating outfits to my taste. Prompted by Heather's post on 'Ofbeautyandnothingness' blog; r.e Debenham's 'Winter Style Challenge' - prize £500 worth of vouchers, I thought I would give it a go? 
Window Shopping, Blogging, with a chance at a prize? There's no downside!

To enter, all you have to do is create a mood board featuring 2 outfits; one of  them 'Day time', and one 'Party look', both suitable for this winter season. Simply choose your outfits based on items in the 'women's clothes' section of the Debenham's website, within a fantasy budget of £250 per outfit. All official information is available here on where to enter, and requirements etc. 

Competition closes on the 13th Jan - happy blogging! 

My Entry,
What to wear this winter:

Total : £243 
(All original prices, rather than sale.) 

Tempted to go all out, to catch attention and step outside the box; but in reality, they weren't pieces I would actually wear? So, sticking to good strong basics was my principle. 
I decided to focus more on the juxtaposition of textures, than variations of colour and patterns.

Coats are my favourite accessory, so I couldn't not include one for each outfit. This parka was one of the chosen with it's lux fleece lining that, teamed with fluffy knit/nicknamed by mum 'chick' jumper, creates 2 layers of cream snugglyness. I only wish they had more colours on offer. 

I tend to steer towards looser cuts uptop, and slim fit on the bottom (as I think it suits my body shape better), so these high waisted jeans from Warehouse fit the bill - a style that has heavily featured in my current 'Winter Wardrobe'. The extra jean tucks away any over indulgence, and the acid wash creates some interest without being flashy.

Some say you should never mix black and blue/navy, but who hasn't worn blue tone jeans with black shoes? It isn't a rule I've stuck to in my outfits, blogpost or otherwise. These 'biker' esc pair, are simple and structured, with my chosen colour choice in both boot and hardware. The large ribbed stitching actually reminds me of the Michelin man; I still like it?  

To go along with the silver theme, this simple link chain bracelet, as no outfit of mine would be complete without a little jewellry.

To tie in the gold flexs from the jumper, and the silver accents everywhere else, I decided to include a Mineralise skinfinish in 'soft & gentle'. A highlighter lifts any face on a dreary winter's day, and with money to spare; I couldn't resist.  

 Coat / Dress / Belt / ClutchCourts
 Total : £248
(All original prices, rather than sale.)

Having scoured all of the coats on offer, this was my favourite. I like a sharper cut of coat on an evening; the slight moto style appeals to me as my own moto faux leather jacket is always within wardrobe reach, and the duo texture is a more subtle statement than colourblocking.

 Can't go wrong with an LBD on a night out, in my humble opinion, and this gathered wrap dress is one I'm seriously considering buying myself. Sleeves are more than a preference in this cold, and the sweeping shape would flatter anybody. 

With foolproof Black as my base, different style accents in my accessories is where to play. 

These shoes are the epitome of gorgeous, and thanks to the likes of Victoria Beckham, pointed courts will never go out of style - there were a few similar options, but with the fantasy budget, I stretched to the best looking of them all. Not just on the pages of 'Look' magazine, 'Cobalt' blue has been catching my eye recently. Since I have been loving the hue in a pair of jeans I acquired recently, I was certain that I wanted to include it somehow in my looks.

Unfortunately, looking for a matching bag was to no avail, probably for the best. 
Instead, this Illusion cylindrical clutch took my fancy. To both baffle anyone worse for wear on your night out, and appeal to my patterned side, with the shape and print original to my wardrobe.  

As a finishing touch, this simple waist belt will draw eyes to the smallest part of your body and add detail to this simple dress; without competing for attention from the other accessories.


I was really surprised at the variety of styles and brands available on the Debenhams website; M.A.C?
Who knew.

A-lot harder than I anticipated, kudos to bloggers who regularly do this sort of thing!
Even so, I loved my venture into mood boards.

 I am a newbie so be gentle if you please.
Good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Beauty | 5* of 2013

Post 1.0 of 2 0 1 4

Top 5 of my, 5 star beauty products - 2013 Edition.

Guess who

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