Saturday, 7 December 2013

Wardrobe | 'The Winter Coat' EDIT 2013

I am a sucker for coats.

Coats to me, are like shoes and bags to other girls; I cannot get enough. 
Since I am quite timid with fashion, switching up my coats is how I transform my outfits

For Example:
Changing how formal I come across - e.g Blazer to Parkas
To Switch up the style - e.g cropped Leather to Duffle
Can add or dilute colour - Neutral to Bright/Neon
Create texture - Leather to Fur
And primaraly, add warmth, but I am undecided on the 'Look V Practicality' debate; really depends upon the day. 

I have 3 to share, that I am particularly loving this festive season.

1. Greyish-Khaki, Mid length Coat - struggled on the name if you couldn't tell?

An oldy, but a goody. At £3 from a car boot, but originally H&M mens, I have more than got my money's worth. Fairly thick, with wriggle room for added layers; although I do have to roll the sleeves to keep myself from getting lost inside it. Due to the loose shape, I like to wear fitted clothing on the bottom to balance it out, and give me some shape. I love the colour, and although there is a slight corporeal vibe, it is subtle and I have no qualms with wearing it. Although I like the look of a parka, they tend to swallow me; never say never though. I do wish this had followed suit with a hood though, for the undecided weather here.

For the thickness and fit, complimentary hue and understated embellishments; this is my most worn winter coat.

2. Over-sized, mid-light wash Denim Jacket.

Another mens coat! Found in a charity shop, at £7, I thought I had hit the jackpot. My friend had recently bought a Levi jacket, loved it, and I was seriously considering in investing one for myself. My purse thanks you Oxfam. Very slouchy fit, I tend to wear it open and roll up the sleeves.


 The pale wash compliments my wardrobe nicely, as I more often then not wear darker tones on the bottom; this balances out my shape, as it's more slimming. When brave enough, I can also wear double denim without looking too much like Becks in the 90's. 

Despite me associating paler hues with brighter weather, this jacket stops me from fading into all black shadows, and instantly makes anything I'm wearing more casual. Again, plenty of space for layers, and plenty of scope for accompanying colour palettes. A winner, I predict owning this for years and years to come. 

3. Black Aviator Jacket 

Most recent addition to my wardrobe, I went starry eyed when I saw it.

Shearling has been in and out of fashion as much as the denim jacket, but the beige tone is something that put me off. Since my skin tone is so fair, it tends to wash me out. 
Then, I saw this black version; in Tesco, on sale, size 10. It was fate.

Originally £35, I snagged for £20

Similar to the Moto style (which I prefer to the equally casual 'bomber'); the faux swede smooth and unscarred. Slight leather accents bring it into the 21st century, but without being brass; I also love the quilting detail up the arms and on the shouders. Zips work well, lining is incredibly snug but not itchy. 

From afar, it could look like any black coat; but for me, the texture set it apart. Not cropped or too long. I lean towards black rather than brown in clothing, so it was the perfect fit.

Link to the coat, though it doesn't seem to be on sale on the Tesco website. 

All 3 have silver/tarnished silver hardware, my first choice.

None of my choices may take your fancy,  but it might help you decide what style you would go for in the future; or reminded you of one you already loved. The outer wear possibilities are endless!

Why not shop your stash? All my clothes have been amassed over years, some forgotten or remastered. 'Wardrobe' is exactly as it sounds, searching and rediscovering my wardrobe; but yes, adding too aswell ;).

Although I agree that 3 coats for this winter is excessive, totting up the prices - I averaged £10 a piece? 
3 for the price of 1 -
If that isn't top justification, I don't know what is. 

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  1. I absolutely adore that denim jacket from the charity shop and what an absolute steal, £7 im still in shock wow i wish when i go bargain hunting i find special gems but sometimes its just luck i guess. Cute purchase though!


    1. I can't believe what people give away! Somone's rubbish is someone else's gem I suppose?
      Definitely hit and miss. Thankyou xxx


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