Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wardrobe | 'Crazy for CHRISTMAS JUMPERS'

Had this post on the shelf for a while, but I thought December 1st the earliest reasonable, to talk all things christmassy.

Although many of us - me included - would confess to despising funky knits at one point, I cannot even pretend to hate them now. 
I consider 'Christmas jumpers' my seasonal guilty pleasure.

As the cliche states, a Christmas JUMPER was once an unwanted knitted affair, from a great aunt or granny, that often stunned with garish colours and long arms. Once a year when you were forced to wear it, the incredible itch was still there a few days later. My first follows this in some ways:

Knitted lovingly by my granny Joan for my older brother when he was younger(I'll keep a eye out for a photo of said brother), handed down to me, me refusing to do the same; holds a lot of sentimental value. Thankfully, not woollen . Not so much a Christmas theme, but with bags of charm, a picture of 'Gromit knitting'. If you have never heard of Wallace and Gromit, that both shocks and saddens me - Google right away! 

The garish colours yes, long sleeves no; but whether I am in denial that it fits or not, I'll forever be proud wearing it.

I couldn't resist including this jumper; again knitted by my granny, but for my mum:

In retro specs
My mum, brother and me
At least 25 years young, I have since seen many companies recreating the pattern (as well as Arg in a TOWIE episode) and have no shame in admitting to borrowing it once or twice! 

The year before last, I was lusting over offerings from eBay & Asos, and came to the conclusion that a seasonal CARDIGAN was something I needed, as I didn't have one already. I was fooling myself, I purely wanted it.

Quick photo of today's family gav outfit
featuring ^ 

Being grey it was more subdued, the reindeers kitsch but not outlandish; the fabric such that I could get away with layering it, and wearing it throughout the winter (not just Christmas) without sweltering.

Slightly too big, neutral to combine with many outfits; great for anyone wanting to recreate the trend, but without standing out too much.

Finally, last year I came across this. For £6, I bought it:

The price echoes its quality, but it was perfect for the generic family gathering. Despite the motif being off-centre, and the more 'Christmassy theme', it will definitely be brought out again for similar holiday purposes. Such as: carols by candlelight, dog walks, Christmas dinners, or in the snow, etc.

Each of my offerings has the style of a Christmas jumper, but without the focus being on presents, decorated trees or Santa Claus. This means I am not limited to Christmas Eve/Day and Boxing Day; if you are at all wavering, I would follow that theme. They are a bit of fun, and they will more than likely fly in and out of fashion, but with the advances in materials, more variety in choice and the lower prices, why not?

Yes having 4 options is OTT, but I will still keep an eye out for more gems.

Shop suggestions:

Newlook, affordable, more tasteful
Primark, affordable, more outlandish

Embrace the snug and tack, it's Christmas!

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