Thursday, 19 December 2013

Thrift Finds | #1, December 2013

Call it what you want, I am a shopaholic; but I do try to be sensible with my money. At any opportunity, with mum as wing woman, I love to go rummaging the bootsales and charity shops in search of gems; eBay is also a regular source of entertainment.

Charity shop, shopping, is my favourite.
It's exciting to never know what you are going to find, that you can spend a lot less money; alongside the bonus that it's all for a good cause. There are good and bad sides to the charm of charity shops. 'One offs' = no variation on sizes/colours, and stock changes from one week to the next. My advice is, if in doubt, buy it; charity shops are great at returns these days, but do check and the desk and keep hold of your receipt. Finally, don't loose heart! Some visits will be more fruitful than others, but if you're anything like me, you'll enjoy the looking even so.  

#1 : Stocking stuffer search took a turn towards self indulgence, but with no buyers regret.

Favourite find

Unfortunately, one of my locals(shop not pub) is closing down and were having a clearance; but, this meant that I managed to snap up this coat for a fiver! Marked down from about £15, not my size, but I liked how slouchy it looked. Timeless cut and colour, but I'm considering taking the buttons off; thoughts? In good nick, no brand, but woven with angora it was more than worth the price!

Stumbled upon 2 pairs of jeans in Cancer Research.
One, of the same type I was wearing at the time; the 'Jamie' style from Topshop. Fairly high waist, thick but stretchy, and I've never had any problems with bobbling. 'Cobalt' blue colour, actually in the men's section? It is worth while looking at every section if you can, sometimes merchandise is mistakenly tagged or misplaced. Though a little long, they fit well otherwise; I would never have considered blue jeans before hand, but after trying them on, I was presently surprised. Second pair of coloured 'Jamie' jeans I've managed to score from that shop, I just don't understand why people don't want them? But, one mans rubbish is anothers treasure.

The second, still avec tag, are the of the 'super soft skinny' style by Primark that I've raved about before. I tend to steer clear of primark stock second hand as the quality usually deteriates and the pricing is often more than it should be; I would rather just donate than buy it, but this was an exception. Deep grey in colour, which I find more flattering than lighter tones. Right size, NEW, although feel a little looser on my knees and calves; tumble dry should do the trick. 

 I thought this series would be interesting for people who maybe are unsure of it, and inspire you to indulge in the idea of thrifty retail therapy. Although you're unlikely to find the same pieces as me, it may prompt you to search the back of your wardrobe, and either donate or use again yourself. 

p.s. I also managed to find a few stocking fillers (I have no qualms including charity shop gifts) but can't risk them reading this for a sneak peak.

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