Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Little Life Update | December 2013

Featuring mainly photos, of my recent shinanigans. 
Think of it as snippets from a journal, in photo montage form.

Bauble selfie
Will I start a new craze?

Daniel Radcliffe aka. Harry Potter's moved in.

Shortbread lhama from the lhama farm
felt strange to eat it!
Haven't been on the desktop in a while then
Prom, 2010.

Christmas craft fair,
3rd visit in as many years 
Today's going to be a good day.

Fooling around with my best on Snapchat.
No plastic surgery was used in the making of this photo.
Best Part of baking.
- Outtake from the 'Sarah's Chocolate Roullard' post.

WTFJSKLHAKHKDC. you did what!
 No I would not like my brand new package put into our outside wheely/rubbish bin for safe keeping.
Must have been a man, common sense not intact. Unimpressed, complained!

Ladies who lunch, in cracker hats.
I'm building quite the collection.

Carols by candlelight
FIRST MINCE PIE at carols by candlelight
Channeling my inner zombie/story of my life.
Minimal-makeup-in-bed month
Love lefterovers, mmmm cold pizza 

*. Maths lols.
Waiting for their women, Monday sales.
'Well I need someone to carry the bags'
Outerwear as indoor-wear 
'He's dead Jim!'
Technical Troubles - Blogging nightmare.
Who knew that Chrome had a sense of humour?
Christmas dinner #no comment.

Heavily food based this time round, not even ashamed.
Sometimes I forget that December is about more than Christmas!

Sorry for the lack of topic variety, and bombardment of photos, in my posts this past week; but, AmBlog follows the theme of my life, and this is how it turned out.

I earmarked most of my Christmassy/festive photos for my Christmas posts, such as:
Day in the life posts, 


Inspo from a family ChristmasCard
- ft. a few of this year's favourite things.

I hope 2014 is anything & everything you hope/wish for 
,& more!


  1. Your happy new year was very clever :)) happy new year :)

    1. Thankyou, card takes the credit!
      and you xx

  2. :D I loved this post,lovely little insight! Cant believe the delivery MAN put your parcel in your wheeley bin for safe keeping? what on earth? even if its empty its still grubby.Love the pic of all the guys waiting for the miss'es,so funny when you see it,soon as I shop my bf,walks of to the side on his phone,I think its automatic for men to switch off when it comes to shopping. Looks like you had a lovely christmas x wishing you all the best for 2014 x

    1. Thankyou!
      I was completely stunned. All the emojis I could use to express my feelings towards this delivery man.
      Aha, I felt a little sorry for them, until I saw the apple store brimming with men in their element. How can anyone switch off shopping? aha, and you :) xx


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