Tuesday, 3 December 2013


SO simple and inexpensive to create;

ideal stocking filler, to inspire any Santa's little helpers out there.

Glue - Glue gun (hot glue), art glue, super glue, etc. - preferably clear drying for aesthetics, although not imperative.
Icons - I bought mine on eBay (under fruit beads) as a group lot for 99p! You could use anything you fancy, light enough to glue on.
Blank studs and backs - Again I found on eBay, and depending on the metal, and quality of the backs, determines the cost.
I would recommend tweezers
& a surface to do it on - which may get gluey (newspaper, mat etc.). 


Simple as glueing the icon to the stud! 


  • Using tweezers to hold the stud back can make the fiddly application easier.
  • Using a cotton bud to add the glue makes application more precise. 
  • I always apply the glue to the stud piece, then join that to the icon lying flat on the mat. Leave to dry overnight in this position. 
  • Buying the icons/beads/embellishment online and/or in bulk, can make it cheaper; but do check delivery times and costs.
  • Easy to adapt icon choice to correspond with what interests the people you are gifting to/you - could always be seasonal : snowflakes, snowmen, presents, etc. Ofc suitable to DIY any time of year. 
I thought this worth posting as you may be unaware of how easy it is too make studs?

Glue does work - made these a good year ago, and they seem stuck fast. I presume that, depending on the strength of the glue, how secure the stud is would alter. They feel comfortable, stable, and look much more impressive than the time they took to make. In my humble opinion anyways.  

My attempts,
Lemon to the right is the position I make/leave to dry the piece in.^
I think I may buy a solderer next year and see if that technique works out any better - consequent update post?

Current cost is easily less than a fiver; with tips, to create 10's of pairs. For the time and money I put in, I think it is really effective. I'm considering gifting my friends these as a little something for Christmas; despite only being small, I'm a definite believer that the crafting makes it extra special.

'Tell me about it, Stud'
('Grease' 1978, film)


  1. This is such a nice idea.. such a cute stocking filler too!


    1. All the talk of stockings is making me giddy for christmas!
      thanksyou :) xx


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