Sunday, 8 December 2013

Beauty Review | 'L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Pigments'

Onto the eyes,

'Is a love affair with an eyeshadow infallible?'


I'm sure that 'obsessed' is over used in the blogging world, so I’m sticking to/shotgunning 'IN LOVE'.

I am, HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with the 'L'oreal infallible eyeshadow pigments'! I already own 9, but fully intend to get more. Although they have been around for a while, at an average of £6.99 per shade, I was originally a little turned off; but, whilst perusing a discount store, they really caught my eye. 

To start, looking at my own collection and online retailers, the shade selection is great. Despite having different 'finishes', I find none of them to be completely matte, but some more glittery than others. Despite being a pigment, they don't seem to dust everything is sight - possibly due to the pressed format. 

Yes easy to blend, although some fallout is inevitable when applying. For sheer application I use a brush, but find my finger the best to create dense colour on my lid; this is the case between me and most eyshadows, but I'm sure that a brush would work equally well. 3.5g of product per pot, in a travel friendly container; KEEP the plastic disk inside to preserve the 'pressed' state of the pigment

Not sheer nor thick swatches in natural light, the pay off is amazing.

My favourites are 'iridescent finish' - with hardly any product, you can get beautifully metallic colour. (ref. swatch photo). Also, due to the nature of the finish, and the contours of your eye; alters the tone of the shadow, making one shadow eye looks a breeze. 

MATTE FINISH (slight sheen - does have teeeny flecks of glitter, barely noticible)
Not sheer nor thick swatches in natural light, feels as smooth as the other finishes, but not quite as bold.

Not to forget my appreciation for the 'Matte Finish' either, which are greatly comparable in quality to more expensive eyeshadows I have used in the past (easy to blend, reliable pigmentation, good selection of neutrals).

Alongside 'Coconut Shake' which is my everyday choice for a highlight shade.
It has taken me quite a while to amass my collection, but I am always on the lookout for more. I don't say this lightly; they are simply my absolute favourites, from all the makeup I own. I found mine at 'The Factory Shop' (sells discontinued /over ordered stock, also good for other makeup) which I know is available in the UK, but for other people interested ; ‘eBay’ is always a good bet and 'Amazon' has a huge selection for discontinued shades. Or, for more recent shades, look on the high-street at (UK: Boots, Superdrug, some supermarkets, Elsewhere: relevant stores selling drugstore brands)

Upon reflection, I would undoubtedly say they were worth the retail price; but as I found mine at a steal of £2 a pot, I say RUN OUT AND BUY! Or, sit and order online, whatever takes your fancy. I am though, completely lusting over the much more extensive shade collection in the USA, but who knows, maybe I’ll be in a position to acquire them sometime in the future? 
Ah, a girl can dream. 

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