Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beauty Review | Rimmel 'Kate Moss lasting finish lipsticks'

Let's talk lippie

Rimmel came out with a very successful range of lipsticks, designed with 'Kate Moss' a while ago now, and I fell for the hype.

From L-R: I paid £2 each for No. 03 - Nude, No.13 - Orange & No.02 - Pink.
£5.49 for No.107 - Berry.
I own three 'Kate Moss lasting finish' and one 'Kate Moss lasting finish MATTE',
both ranges by Rimmel, in a variety of hues.

Lip Swatches
Please do bear in mind that the lipsticks will look different in different lights, as well as on different lips. I also cannot control the sun - so some photos may be brighter/dimmer than others. I still consider my swatches accurate representations of the colours. I also took the liberty of mixing shades to express the variety in the shade selection (very easy to re-create within your collection already). No lipliners/lip erase/lip balms were used in the making of these swatches. 

Matte Formula - No.107
Not completely matte straight away.
Lasting Finish Matte Formula - No.107 mixed with
Lasting Finish Formula - No.03
Lasting Finish Formula - No.03 
- personally too peach for me
Lasting Finish Formula - No.03 
mixed with a little
Lasting Finish Formula - No.02
Lasting Finish Formula - No.02
Lasting Finish Formula - No.02 mixed with
Lasting Finish Formula - No.13
Lasting Finish Formula - No.13
I have fairly naturally pigmented lips, and was really pleased with how true to colour the lipsticks were when I compared the bullets and my lip swatches. I consider all the colours wearable, but the nude is too peach for me on it's own. The brighter shades may be more evening appropriate, or maybe you're more brave than me! 

As you would expect, the original lasting finish formula is much more creamy in application. Despite one swipe = full-on colour, the creamy-ness can lead to gaps on the lips (see swatch on No.2). The colour comes across glossy and smooth and I find the wear to be relatively long, but it does dry and flake after 6ish hours - with eating & drinking. I wanted to point this out for transparency, but I think it is still very impressive for a lipstick! Very comfortable, not slippery, but creamy enough for me to check my teeth every now and then!

Matte formula surprised me in the smooth application, but is inevitably dryer than the original as the wear goes on. I would definitely recommend blotting post application to make it matte straight away, and also extend the wear time. Although the lasting power is top notch (such that I have to use eye makeup remover to remove it at the end of the night), as it wears off it isn't pretty. With both formulas, but especially the matte, I would definitely recommend keeping the lipstick in your bag for touch ups. 

I rarely wear lipliners, but it would inevitably improve the ease of application as well as extend the wear time. My method is to apply straight from the bullet, but for the swatches, a lip brush crisps the edges really well without changing the concentration of colour.  

The lipsticks' bullets are not loose/wobbly in their tubes.
Packaging : Good clip shut mechanism (never had a problem with opening in a bag).  Not digging the colour combo of the mattes, but who does that harm? Average weight of '4g' (usj 2.5g - 4.3g).
Very reasonably priced, more inexpensive if you find them online (eg. Amazon, eBay) or at discount stores (eg. 'The Factory Shop'), and easily accessible. Through research, I have found that they do have a fairly wide selection of colours and finishes, but they don't seem to stay in stores indefinitely and smaller high street stores tend to stock only a limited choice.

In conclusion; I haven't tried many lipstick formulas, but I can concur that, from what I've tried, this Rimmel range is a goody. 

These lipsticks elsewhere on my blog


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